Is Porte Monnaie Plate a good size for wallet?

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  1. Anybody have this? Your thoughts on this please! I am wondering if I should buy this. I don't like checkbook size wallet as it's way too big for me. I have a coin I don't think I will use the wallet for coin though. Anyone have pictures of their porte monnaie plate & how much can fit it there? Thanks a lot!
  2. My best friend has the porte monnaie plat in multicolor and she loves it. She can fit a good amount of stuff in there...
  3. i dont have it, but i think its ok! but it also depends on how much you carry with you. cards,money,etc. but if you say you have an extra coin purse and if you say that the scheck ones are to big for you, i think the porte monnaie plate will work for you!
  4. I have the Damier Koala one. (I posted pictures about a month ago.) It fits a good amount of cash and change along with 6 credit cards in the 2 pockets and in the coin pouch. It's very handy.
  5. I have a CB one and a monogram one and I love them both!
    It's a little smaller than my regular sized wallets but it still holds a decent amount of things.

    I posted this pic a little while ago; this was how I organize my things in my CB porte monnaie plat before getting the CC holder:


    In the pic I put the bills in the back compartment folded up, and the second compartment held my cards and coins. The patch pocket was used to hold coupons.

    Since I've bought my credit card holder, I rarely put many cards in the coin compartment any more. Instead, I store my gift cards with my bills in the back, point/stamp cards and paper membership cards under the coin compartment flap with the coins, and the patch pocket is still used for coupons and receipts.

  6. Thanks for the picture, Karman! I think this wallet is just right! :smile: Perfect for me! I really like the cherry blossom one...too bad it's discontinue!
  7. You're welcome!
    This pink one that I have was the only one that I've seen on eBay so far, but the Brown CB one is actually semi-common on can usually still find one in decent condition for a decent price! It fits perfectly into the pochette and it's not too thick.
  8. It is an alright size.