Is Pomme D'Amour Ltd Ed? And Damier Agenda Price Ques.!

  1. I browsed through a few threads and couldn't find the answer. Is it a limited edition colour?

    Secondly.....what is a good price for a used (but in excellent condition) Damier Small Agenda?

  2. The colour won't be around forever, a new colour will come to replace it/it will get discontinued eventually, so in a way, yes, it's LE.

    For the agenda...there is one on let-trade for like $150. So I'd say under $200 is a good price.
  3. It's a seasonal color.
  4. pomme d'amour is one of two vernis colors for 2007. They do two new colors a year. It's not "limited", but when it's gone, it's gone. They won't bring it out again next year, in other words, and will not produce it perpetually.
  5. See another eason why I need something in this color!
  6. Yep- seasonal, not limited. Like most Vernis colors, it'll be phased out by the end of the year but will be widely available until then.
  7. Pomme D' Amour is a seasonal colour. There are certain things in the pomme d'amour vernis that would be LE like the coin heart purse.
  8. Yeah, I was looking at the one on let-trade which is why I asked. :p Hmm, now it's tempting me.

    So the Pomme D'Amour color won't run out anytime before summer right? What I mean is...they'll still be getting shipments of it within this season if it sells out?
  9. I would hurry on this one as it is very, very popular!
  10. I was told by LV that it would be discontinued and replaced by another color next spring.