Is Pomme being discontinued?

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  1. Hi,

    I have been hearing here and there that the vernis Pomme d'amour will be discontinued... does anyone know if is true? and if yes, does it apply to all products? also agendas??? :crybaby:

  2. When I bought my Pomme Sarah in 2008, I was told it was being discontinued. Rumors about Pomme being discontinued are always flying around. I won't believe it until it's gone.
  3. I doubt it. The new bags released include pomme.
  4. I have asked about this both at my local boutique (spoke with the leather goods manager) and at the 866 CS number. They both answered with a resounding NO.... so I think that we are good for now. ;) **For the record, the leather goods manager has always given me the correct information.
  5. Thanks :smile: :smile:

    I have a SLG in MC and an Agenda in Pomme on my whishlist... since it seems that MC really will be discontinued I will take that one first...
  6. You are welcome! I just love the Pomme.... I got the Sarah wallet not too long ago and it is one of my favorite SLG's! It is a really gorgeous color.:heart:
  7. No - it's not.
  8. Why does everyone always say this? Literally I have been hearing it since I joined this forum in February 2010. :lol:
  9. I've been told by managers in THREE different stores that MC is NOT being discontinued, just certain styles, maybe.
  10. Same here. I was told when it came out in 2007 it was a seasonal color. LOL!
  11. heheh well I read a thread about articles being discontinued in this year here in the forum and when I read Pomme and MC in the list I got soooooooo scared :lol:
  12. I was told today that pomme is going away in July.
  13. oh no..i hope this is not true
  14. I was told over the weekend by my SA that Pomme is going away as well. If you want a bag in that color, you should get it now.
  15. I was trying to justify buying another zippy now I have a reason to. I always liked the zippy in the Pomme vernis color. :biggrin: