is pomme a limited edition?

  1. hi everyone,

    i was at the LV boutique at Holt's (Yorkdale) this afternoon looking at some pomme wallets. the SA there told me that pomme is a limited edition color that came out for valentine's day and chinese new year. she also said there won't be any more new pieces coming in.

    she also said there will be a new vernis color for spring/summer, but she doesn't know what the color will be.

    i thought i read on this forum that pomme will be here for a few seasons? i'm still debating which wallet i want to buy, but if pomme will be sold out soon, then i have to make up my mind fast.

    can someone else confirm the vernis news? thanks
  2. I don't know for sure, but the stores here are no longer displaying any pomme items and my SA said they're out of Pomme except for a few pieces left!
  3. It's not limited but it has a limited run like all of the other Vernis colors have had. I'd guess it'd be around until the end of the year, maybe a bit longer?
    I believe the only piece that was limited was the heart coin purse.
  4. :yes: and the flat pouch too! I was told by 800-Vuitton that those were made specifically for Valentine's.

    I believe the new color is called 'Amarante'?
  5. LV customer service told me it be around until early next year, a little under a years worth of time. I think all Vernis are someone limited edition because they produce a color only for a short span of time.

    As for the new color, it's been rumored around the board to be a color called Amarante, a dark purplish color that will be coming this summer.
  6. So are there still going to be new shipments of Pomme accessories? Or was that it and it'll just sell out till the end of the year?
  7. no..I'm sure they'll get more shipments in aarti.
  8. yes, it's only a seasonal color!
  9. That's weird. Oh well, it's probably true, I haven't seen any of the flat pouches for sale except on that first day they were all released.

    Anyway yeah the new color is Amarante, it's a really dark purple-y burgundy (that info is from someone who has seen it :yes:). The Inclusion version of Amarante will be released in June.
  10. yep...I believe the colors are not LE but the items like the heart purse and flat pouch are LE.
  11. I still see the flat pouches in the store... but the Pomme hearts are gone.
  12. i really wanted a pomme heart. any chance they will make more?
  13. ^^ I think they're gone now. My SA said she sent out the last Perle one the other day, she never saw the berry ones, and there are only a couple of MC ones left.
  14. The bf's sis was at the launch of the Pomme heart purses and she didn't get it.... and when we were at LV the other day she was asking if there'll be a new shipment and the SA was like nope............ She should have gotten it during the launch!
  15. i called the LV hotline in singapore about the heart purse and pomme colour, the guy said its goin to be available for many seasons but now its very low on stock...and suggested i waitlist for it...

    maybe someone should verify whose correct?!