is pocket organizer for men only???

  1. i know this is probably a silly question, but are the pocket organizer and the billfold with 6 CC slots for men only???
  2. I don't think so...
  3. i just bought the porte valeurs organiser for my wife, however it is too long for her to be inserted in to her handbag. In the end i exchange my LV wallet with her, and i use the organiser.
  4. No, not at all. If a woman can find a use for it, it's for them!!! If a man can find a use for it, it's for them!!!
  5. i think its UNISEX...:tup:
  6. It is Unisex
  7. I think its unisex, but when I see a woman with a billfold, it does look kinda weird, but whatever rocks your boat! The pocket organizer is definitely unisex, its avalaible in the new pink Epi!
  8. It's def unisex! Both my DH and I have one.
  9. All that comes to my mind is Snoop Dog carrying a monogram Speedy 30.... so why do you care? As long as you like it and it's helpfull (in this case) BUY it.... :smile:
    If they still would do the cerises line I definitely would get something, also it was made for women....
    I think especially for women there is nothing, as I'd say, that they could not carry from the LV "world"...
    Men have bigger problem.... :crybaby: