Is Plum/Purple Chanel Flap still available? Cotton...

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  1. It's from 2006 season right? Would that still be available? If so, where should I look?

    Also, why's cotton club called 'cotton club'?

    Thanks for all the enlightenment:smile:
  2. I guess the answer's no, they're no longer available? :smile:
  3. the plum flaps are probably sold out by now. i haven't seen any in stores since the winter. you can try calling around though? good luck on your search!
  4. I've asked SAs before, and nobody knows :confused1:.
  5. I saw one at the ny outlet a few months back.
  6. There's a club in New York called the Cotton Club...but i can't see why that would have anything to do with Chanel...