Is Plomb really great IRL? Show us! I need opinions!


Which one to get?

  1. Plomb rh city

  2. Black rh city

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  1. I am debating on this... can't get it out of my head, actually. DO Plomb owners love it? Have some of you saw it irl and thought "YUCK." ? I haven't seen it Irl, so I need your help. Please post pics if you have them. TIA
  2. before i think plomb look something similar to black.
    but i saw it in IRL. omg u must have it
    it look cool ... i hope i can have it too !!!
  3. I have a plomb weekender and it is way chic. It looks like black at first and then it looks like a really dark grey/charcoal. It looks different shades of dark grey in different light. I think black could be too harsh on such a big bag with certain outfits and Plomb gives the look of black but softer.

    I rock the Plomb Weekender with a strappy ankle length summer dress, sunglasses, and fun heels during the daytime and it's color seems soft and girlie. I can rock it with a pinstripe suit and sleek hair and the color looks serious and tough. I think Plomb works better than black on a big bag.

    That being said, I have a black city and it rocks too. I think it's because it is smaller. The City looks fabulous in black. While the Plomb is really rich and nice, I am a firm believer that everyone should own a black City because it is truly a classic. It works at night with a cocktail dress, during the day with Juicy sweatpants & flip-flops or jeans & heels, and even with a suit.

    I vote Black City--not boring at all--just fabulous, classic, sexy, and all around badass!:heart:
  4. I adore Plomb, i think the leather on the Plomb bags are TDF. In fact the leather on my Plomb Day was nicer than my 2005 Black First. It's a very neutral colour and went with everything. I sold it to buy a Plomb Courier, but ended up getting a Violet Courier instead, but will definitely be going back to buy something in Plomb.
  5. I have a plomb city with SGH and I love it... I would really recommend the colour, soft and varied colour from black to grey and even blue, its as versatile as black but with more interest... however black is a real classic... and I still would love a city in black!
  6. Just for reference sake, I already have a black sgh part time.
  7. If you have black already, go for plomb, I thought it looked like a metallic black IRL! Grey is always a nice alternative to black and a great neutral.
  8. Hi Shasta, I have the SGH plomb Day and comparison pics with black:




    It has definitely navy/silver undertones. I love it!!
  9. Thanks for the great reference pics. THat is very helpful.
  10. I love Plomb!!! I have three so far........a courier, ggh pt and weekender on the way! :yahoo: Plomb really varies from bag to bag. Mine are the darker version but still different from black. The light version is outrageous and I'd love to get my hands on clutch with SGH or GGH in it.

    South of france's day bag looks like the lighter version. I saw it on a Hobo with SGH and it was truly amazing. Here's a pic of my darker version of plomb. The leather is so thick and yummy on this bag.



    That being said......I also have a 05 Black City that I adore. It's perfect and slouchy and reminds me of Nicole Richie's bag. I think you should go for the plomb now while it's still around in stores. And, in the meantime, keep your eye open for a 05 Black City on fleabay.

    here's my black s/s 05 city

  11. Cracker is right, there are different versions, and mine is the lighter one. Here's a closeup of the lighter version (it has more blue/silvery undertones):

  12. ^^^GORGEOUS!!!!:love:
  13. Love Plomb! I just got a Plomb RH City and the leather is super soft and chewy and is dark like crackers' PT. Depending on the lighting, it can be a little bluish or have subtle hints of dark Sapin. I debated whether to get a Black City or Plomb but they come out with Black every year so that pretty much made my decision for me! Get the will not regret it!:tup:
  14. cracker....fleabay? Does that mean what I think it means?:graucho:
  15. Great advice Cracker! Thank you all, I'll keep you updated.