Is Pilates hard?

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  1. Thinking about taking a Pilates class tonight, have never taken one before. Is it going to kill me? Remember, I am new to all this fitness stuff, middle aged and overweight, LOL!
  2. my mom does it at shes 56 (and other than the pilates in pretty terrible shape, like doesn't do any cardio at all ever, but not too overweight, I'd call her a smidge chubby)

    start with a beginners dvd and move on from there- you'll be sore the first couple of times, but you should be! :smile:

    I've never done a beginners dvd- but I really like the ana caban intermediate and abs dvd's so I'd recommend anything by her.
  3. I was going to go to a class at my gym, I really don't want to do a DVD in the middle of my living room in front of everyone and there isn't room in my bedroom to do anything

    BTW, just looked at your blog, you are so cute~! Love some of the stuff you picked out and why do you have my cat in a sink? lol
  4. I second taking a beginner's class. It's not that it's hard; it will just work muscles you didn't know existed :biggrin:. And no matter what, simply go as far as is comfortable for you. Even it's a beginner's class, you might find that others are more flexible or what have you. The last thing you want to do is compare yourself (your progress) to them (and their progress).
  5. You may find it hard for the first few sessions but it's really not difficult. You will feel pain the next day in places you never knew existed. :smile:
  6. I think you are going to like it a lot... it is similar to yoga where you work on breathing and stretching, but it is a bit of a higher impact - the instructor should take you guys through beginner/intermediate/advanced versions of the exercises. You'll be great!
  7. I think it depends on the class. I've gone to classes (that aren't called beginner classes) that have been insanely easy. But I've also gone to ones that were so hard I couldn't do everything, even though I consider myself to be pretty in shape. You'll never know until you try! I'm sure it will be fun :smile:
  8. I think it's important for a beginner to go to a real class. I have a pilates dvd at home that I had done a few times, but it was NOTHING like the class, where they correct your bad form right on the spot. It was WAY more of a workout when you do it properly!!! I couldn't bend over later that day!! But it was fun.
  9. It's challenging... but in a good way IMO. If you have strong stomach muscles, you'll do great.
  10. Or you'll have fun developing a strong core, and I don't mean that facetiously, either. When you reach a point where you can do certain poses, you'll be quite proud of yourself. I remember when I first started doing Pilates and yoga years ago. I couldn't do Plank without going through that whole body shake thing that happens when your muscles are actually engaged. After a few months, not only was I able to do plank (without the shakes), but I could lower myself down and hover a few inches over the mat before resting (belly down) on the mat.
  11. I have a love/hate relationship with Pilates. I found a really good class on Wednesdays, and the instructor is hardcore. I literally dread going, and feel amazing once it's over!
  12. OY! I hurt
  13. I'm thinking of trying Pilates too. I tried a DVD years ago, but I'm looking forward to the instructors' help. I hope it'll be a good workout that'll help me tone up - I have no idea what it's about or what I'm in for, either.
  14. I hope it went okay - is it a good hurt?
  15. I do reformer and it is so much easier for me. Mat pilates--- in my mind, will kill me. I've done yoga for years although i've been out for about 2 months now and i'm scared i can't do a lot of stuff. LADC, plank is a real test. my mentor said it's is very good for you. it took me awhile to get my strenght just right for vinyasa. ooopppsss--- it's yoga now. got to go.