Is PCE really happening in December...for sure.

  1. I asked a coach SA and they said they hadn't heard anything about it and that it was done last year around December to boost sales. They said they wouldn't count on it this year. Does anyone know for sure if its happening.
  2. Try not to worry too much because I've experienced COACH's PCE each December since 2004, in addition to other times of each year. I agree with the thinking that the events are held to boost sales, and they seem to be successful each time they're held. But I doubt that COACH would say, "OK, no more PCE because we've made enough money this year!"

    I also think some SAs may not be in the loop to confirm the probability of the event, so they may not want to get our hopes up.

    Maybe with the power of positive thinking from all of us tPFers, it will happen?!

    Be patient, and hopeful...:smile:
  3. Seeing as how their stock is down, I would be surprised if they didn't do it....I certainly hope they do as a few things are calling my name....
  4. So what has anyone heard as far as what will sell out before the pce. I just don't want to wait with my Christmas list if things will be gone. Help!
  5. i talked to my SA today and she told me pce is from DEC 1st to DEC 9th.
  6. ^^ that's not bad, that's pretty good timing for me...
  7. Thanks so much.
    Maybe I can get hubby to purchase me a Christmas gift at this time.
    Thanks so much!!!
  8. Should be enough time to pay off the Ergo Scarf from Japan site and save for the Bleeker flap. Yes, this could work....
  9. I was in the Waikiki boutique yesterday and they were giving everyone 25% off for the day. What a pleasant surprise!
  10. I need to lose my weight fast so I can qualify for the PCE.
  11. I hate SA's that are not aware of whats going on. Or they act like they don't know so you won't get the discount.

    There will be one in Dec.