is paying with bidpay ok?

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  1. i am such a paypalie i don't know anything about bidpay. have you ever bought anything with bidpay and was it ok? thanks!
  2. I just did. It was as easy as paying with PayPal (only it took BidPay 24hours to approve my payment). If you trust the seller (and not worried about the merchandise), I wouldn't worry about using it.
  3. I just did and it turned out the seller was selling me a fake bag. She can't cancel the transaction, there's no place for me to complain to them, so I'm trusting that she's going to post what she owes me to my Paypal account Wednesday. There is no dispute resolution on Bidpay that I could find, they refer you to e-Bay's dispute resolution. The only thing I could find is if you haven't received your item after 30 days, which is not my scenario. If/when I file a dispute/chargeback with my CC company, it's going to take twice as long because Bidpay didn't sell me the fraudulent item, somebody else did. All Bidpay is, is the broker, so to speak. "Bidpay" didn't do anything wrong, you see.

    I'm sticking with Paypal from here on out!!!

    Edit: And yes, it took at least 24 hours for my payment to be 'approved' and posted to the seller. That's the other thing that irritated me. And yes, what H_addict said - if you trust your seller - but in my case, I thought I did. Until I got screwed.
  4. interesting. but if you pay with a cc on bidpay you can always go to your cc right? i used the old bidpay a few times but only to receive payment- not send it. thanks so much for your comments!
  5. Yes, you can always recover from your CCC - it just takes longer. In my case, I am waiting for paperwork that I must complete and return - takes longer, that's all.
  6. I tried Bidpay after having so many problems with Paypal. Bidpay takes longer to accept a payment. They process the buyer's payment. Then they review the transaction. If they believe it is a high risk transaction, they will cancel the transaction. It will take between 3-5 business days for the buyer to get their money back. The seller then has to come up with another way of receiving the payment from the buyer. Most of my transactions have been cancelled since they are all LV sales. Especially since the transactions have been over $1000.00 each. They consider this high risk. Oh well, I have decided not to sell anything else on eBay. Too much hassle.
  7. my only bidpay transaction was awesome. absolutely fantastic inthe face of an adverse seller.
  8. Thanks for all the infomation in BidPay.
  9. I used Bidpay to pay for several auctions recently. On one of them I had to do a chargeback (I never received the bag) because Bidpay said they were unable to get the money from the seller's account.
    I tried to pay for another auction a couple days ago with Bidpay. I was denied:sad: