Is paying via Paypal the safest route to take?


Oct 29, 2006
hi everyone!

quick question-- when buying an item from eBay, is paypal (with credit card) the safest way to pay in regards to buyer protection? let's say i buy a bag and the seller claims that the bag is 100% authentic. when receiving the bag, i realize that the bag is a fake and i file a claim to paypal. will they reimburse me? how does the process go? sorry about the naivete, but i'd really like to know that i'm protected before i pay for this bag that i won. :P hehe, thanks!!

Use Paypal only with a credit card. If there is a problem with your purchase, you can easily reverse cgarge and get ALL of your money back.

Do not use cash or bank money (transfer automatically) in your Paypal account, because you will not have the safer and additional protection of credit card company. Furthermore, I heard many complaints about Paypal claims (unjust denial of claims). I had experience with filing an eBay claim (when I paid by cashier check). It was a long (6 months) and painful (tedious and lots of requirements) process. Worst of all, you are limited to a refund of only $175 (for both eBay and Paypal claims). There is no credit for shipping charge. In addition, there is a $25 deduction for filing a Paypal or eBay claim. In summary, it sucks without the protection of a credit card.

If you have both a charge card and your bank account included in your Paypal account, make sure that you select your credit card for payment before you press the pay button. Paypal uses your bank account or avalialble cash balance as the default method of payment.