Is patent lighter weight than leather?

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  1. I still want a putty patent bag (maybe gigi possibly the shoulder bag).
    Does it feel lighter than the leather bags?
  2. I think so...:tup:
  3. yes, I think patent is lighter also. I wonder why that is.
  4. I have an ergo patent leather satchel and it is much lighter than most of my leather bags
  5. I wonder about that too! Is the leather perhaps thinner before they apply the shiny finish? :confused1:
  6. My patent ergo is super duper bring up a great and bad question for me...if patent is lighter...maybe that is the way to go with gigi...hmmm....i've always questioned carrying her around with all the weight of that leather....hmmmm
  7. I don't know about the gigi in particular but I think patent is lighter than leather in most cases.
  8. I had a patent ergo hobo and it was even lighter than my signature one!
  9. I have a purple patent Bleeker tote and the thing is HUGE. It's probably my biggest bag yet. But, surprisingly, it is incredibly light weight on its own and compared to my other bags. Of course, that's without loading all of my other Coach goodies into it. :P