Is Patent Leather still fashionable in 2018?

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  1. I got a good deal on a Large MK Selma in Red Patent Leather. The more I look around me the more I notice patent leather doesn’t seem to be trending right now. Haha. Anyone else’s thoughts?

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  2. I think it comes and goes often. I've noticed designers make patent bags once a year. I see it out often.

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  3. I don't see it out as often, but if you like it, then rock it!
  4. I have never been a fan of patent leather so I've never bought it. My SIL, however, loves it. I say if you love it, own it & ROCK IT!! :rochard:
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  5. I think it's never really "out", just more or less hyped!
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  6. Wow, why am I not a rapper... :cool:
  7. I think the new autumn 2018 collection has a shoulder bag in patent/wrinkled leather.
  8. Yes wear it❤️
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  9. Patent and metallic design will always be around
    It's more like the user style and manners that makes it special
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  10. That’s the best time to rock it!!! Like to wear bags that not everyone else is wearing.
  11. Patent leather bags usually come out in October / November for Winter. :smile:
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  12. Call it vernis, and ask if it's out.
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  13. Patent looks cool in certain colours and designs. It even lasts longer I think. And I don't think there is anything that is particularly "in," or "out" these days. Go for whatever you like and are in mood of.
  14. I have a bag of my grandmothers (look exactly like the Mansur Gavriel frame bag surprisingly!) and it is patent. It is also probably from the 50’s or earlier. So I would say that the material is a classic!
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  15. If you like it, use it!!!

    Patent leather has such a cool, nice feeling IMO!

    Enjoy it!!