Is patent here to stay?


Should I keep the shoes?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I just bought a patent Manolo Pangala. I was wondering if I can use it for at least 2 years, or is it that trendy of a shoes that I can't wear it next fall???

    I've attached the picture from ... I like the shoes, it was on sale on NM but now I'm having second thoughts since I also splurge on 4 other pairs of Manolos...

    And I already have another pair of Patent D'orsay Manolos...

  2. Everyone is showing patent. Chanel has a great white patent leather tote for spring. I'd say at least two years by the time the masses catch on!!

    Here's a pic of my black patent Louboutins and my red patent Clergeries. I plan on getting my use out of them for at least two years!
    CLpatent.jpg RCred.jpg
  3. I don't think it'll stay for too much longer but it will always come back! That said, if you don't love the shoes, no use keeping them.
  4. Oh I hope so! There is nothing like a pair of high heel patent leather pumps!

    Food for the soul!
  5. I love patent leather ... it's especially good in the rain!
  6. are they comfortable? I have a pair of MJs and they tend to rub my skin raw :sad:
  7. i love patent leather in bags and shoes.. it will definitely stay IMO
  8. I hope so. I love it. It's sophisticated and dressy. I have some patent pumps and a patent vintage bag.
  9. i love patent accessories!
    here are my patent louboutins!
  10. Patent is timeless now, IMO. Enjoy!
  11. patent shoes have been around forever! I think they're here to stay.
  12. I agree with Bagsforme. Patent leather shoes have been around forever. They will always be in style.
  13. I voted yes ( I certainly hope so!)
  14. LOL - I hope so - I haven't bought patent since high school, then with all the patent this fall, I finally caved and bought a pair of patent Manolos too.
    In the spring runways, I'm still seeing it, but I think it really peaked this fall. It'll always be around, but maybe not quite as big as fall 06.
  15. I hope patent leather will stay, cause I really love it. BTW I think your shoes are gorgeous.