Is patent good for poor weather and...

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  1. If so what bag should I get?! Something in the outlets, most likely. I think I read somewhere that other carry their patent in bad weather.. We get a lot of snow and a fair bit of rain here...

    I seen the outlet had Groovys.. hm...
  2. i use my patent bags in the rain frequently with no problems! (i live in FL) but not if they have any fabric on them, not sure if the groovy is 100% patent but if so i think it would do fine
  3. Yup!!!
    i have 5 patent bags and they're great for yucky weather!
    i got all of mine from the outlets too!
    jade patent hailey

    Magenta patent groovy

    black patent glam tote

    camel patent sabrina

    green patent sabrina
  4. I have used my patent in faith when it's been snowy/rainy but I questioned it today

    It seems like such a no brainer that I was like, what if im wrong? lol, I have my moments :smile:

    Patent seems to be super easy to take care of
  5. Patent is great for bad weather because the rain/snow just rolls right off of them! A lot of outlets have the patent Jade Audrey, Hailey and Maggie right now - all of which are VERY stunning bags!
  6. yeah, patent is great for bad weather. i live in rainy winter weather and i've noticed that my patent bags suit me best. i've got patent groovys, the paten poppy pocket hobo (which i strongly suggest) and a bunch of other patent goodies...
  7. I didn't see any pocket hobos. :sad: I was looking for them! hehe

    *makes a note to for sure buy a patent bag!*
  8. Jen I love patent leather for bad weather. I am north of you in Milw. so go for it. I have family in Niles, MI
  9. Yes...I :heart: patent for poor weather! I've actually been wanting to use one of my Legacy bags lately, but no such luck with the weather we've been having the last few weeks....thank goodness for patent! My favorites are the Peyton and Sabrina!
  10. After reading this thread it is making me want to get a patent bag! It seems so logical for crappy weather.
  11. Another vote for patent in crappy weather, it works great! I just picked up a patent groovy in spearmint and can't wait to use it!
  12. I think patent's good in the rain but not really cold weather. I've had some expensive patent bags crack in the winter because the weather was so cold outside (below 32 degrees) that when I brought it back inside, the toasty 74-76 degree temperature caused the finish to crack.
  13. Oh My! Love all of these, esp Hailey and Sabrinas!!!
  14. Most of my go-to winter bags are patent... Large Green Patent Zoe and my Large Grey Patent Garnet have been my fave 2 this season. We get quite a bit of wet weather here and I've never had a problem with them. Good luck on your search for a new patent bag!
  15. I LOVE patent leather bags... I have a patent berry zoe and a patent camel sabrina and they do wonders! Especially in the snow and the rain, it just glides right off, and I don't have to be scared of it! If you were looking for something at the outlet, I'd say a zoe...