Is Part-time bag suitable for men ?

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  1. Hello,

    I bought a terrific Café 07 mens Day a couple of months ago that I like very much and now I think to buy a bag (obviously a Bbag) which it doesn't look like a messenger. More a handbag but with a strap in order to wear it across the body when I'm fed up to hold it in my hands. Work is a great bag but no stap. Weekender too huge !. City, First, Twiggy... too small (bag and staps) and A bit feminine (for me). Why not part-time: long and wider than the city and co, a longer strap. The dilema

    Part-time is not too feminine? Suitable for a 5,7 men ? The stap is long enough to wear the bag across the body?
    What do you think guys?
    Are mens on the forum have part time and maybe pics wearing it? :rolleyes:


  2. I actually owned a Part time Camel but have since sold it (which I still regret!).

    I'm 5'7 and I thought it looked fine on is comfortable to wear over the shoulder but never across the body because the strap is not long enough.
  3. I think so, I always thought that a part time would look good on a man. I think if you're a thin man it would look especially good, worn across body. But even if you just wear it on your shoulder...nice.
  4. I think the part-time would look great on a man! The bag is a bit longer, so it wouldn't be too feminine at all. I love seeing balenciaga on men, period.
  5. I think a Part time would look suitable on a man.. but, like the others... the strap maybe too short. It barely fits right about my waist.. (Cross-body) & I'm 5'2". But, its suitable for a male, a courier would be nice too ;)
  6. I have the men's Besace, and it's GREAT!
  7. One thing, if you go with a Part Time.....I don't know what look you want to achieve but I think the tassles would be too much. I woud tuck in the side tassles and maybe just leave the front pocket one, just my opinion.