is Part Time a good size?

  1. Hi gals,
    I have a city, and now I think that I want something bigger and I want to be able to carry the bag on my shoulders.
    Is the Part Time a good size? It's longer, but shorter, so I'd like to listen to your opinions.
    I normally have the following in my bag:

    a pair of pumps (to wear in office)
    an agenda
    cell phone
    a few lipsticks.

    is the Part Time big enough for all these? Thanks!:yes:
  2. I tried one on once at Neimans and I think you would be able to fit everything (even the pumps) into a part-time. It is a very nice size bag for work, although you would not be able to fit file folders or books or a computer. You would have to go up to a Work for that.

    The other plus with the part-time is that I found it had a very flattering shape when carried. Very slimming.
  3. I always thought the PT was a slimming bag too!
  4. for the list of things that you're carrying, part-time is more than enough. i carry all those things in my city PLUS my laptop [13.3in macbook,nothing bigger than that though]!! as long as you dont have oversized things, i think part-time is enough. ;)
    good luck [=
  5. Thank you guys! it's really helpful.
    I plan to get a part time in regular HW in Electric Blue:wlae:
  6. definitely! i love this size and it is a nice style with the rh regardless of earlier reviews, imo.;) what does it for me is the depth...makes this a very roomy bag.
  7. depend , do u know giant part time r bigger then giant city
  8. wow, good to know.
    I pretty much ruled out the GHs. They are too shiny for office IMHO. Besides, they weigh down the bag, so with all the crap I carry everyday, the GHs will take away the light advantage of my B bag :girlsigh:
  9. The part time is perfect for your needs plus has extra perks IMO including the longer straps and handles. It will be AWESOME in EB!:love:
  10. I just used my PT as a weekend bag (well, just for an overnight trip). I was AMAZED at how much stuff I was able to shove in there! I fit my wallet, two sunglasses cases, camera, charger, cell phone, keys, iPod, a makeup bag, a pair of pants, two sweaters, a shirt, a scarf, a pair of flats, a water bottle, and was still able to zipper it shut. So in short, yes!!!!! Definitely a great size.
  11. I love my part time, you should definitely get one.
  12. if you can fit all that in the city, you will definitely be able to fit it into the work! i used a work for my job over the summer and in the end, switched to the day because it was simply too big and i didn't have as much to put inside! i think the part time would be perfect. :smile:
  13. Wow...well I guess I may be the lone dissenter here. I think you need a Work or Day if you want to fit pumps in your bag and not feel like it's too crowded or overstuffed! The Part Time is a wide bag, but it is quite shallow (an inch shallower than the City).
  14. Although I love the PT, I think the Work may suit you better if you want to fit those pumps in. I'm not sure I could get pumps in mine with all my other everyday stuff. The Work may be a better option for you.

  15. ITA with Cracker... you sound like you take just as much as me (minus the pumps)... so if you were to add pumps in, I'd say work... if you add pumps into a PT, i think it would look very stuffed and would put your pumps out of shape??? GL!