Is Paris Hilton carrying a fake Chanel 2.55 re-issue (silver)?

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  1. No, its looks like it's a 225. She just wore it with a single strap instead of double straps.
  2. I think it might just look off cause she overstuffed it. I honestly don't know much about reissues.
  3. wow, there is a lot of stuff in her purse!
  4. I dont think so, i have the same bag and looks like that if i overload..
  5. I dont think so. She's been seen all over with that bag except it looks like she stuffed it now.
  6. no, that is definitely real. I have never seen her wear a fake chanel handbag. only the LV.
  7. it looks authentic

    on a random note ;her sisters line has a lookalike reissue
  8. I think her bag is real....i'm not completely sure, but i think maybe she just overstuffed it. I will say though that i do love her makeup in the first photo (Eye & lip makeup.) I agree with Jahpson, i have never seen her carry a fake Chanel before.
  9. She was seen carrying a fake LV???
  10. ^^

    wow. I cant believe that her sister did that. hope Chanel doesnt come after her for that bag. I hear that high end brand companies arent playing when it comes to inspirations and fakes

  11. yes, but not the handbag [i think] she was wearing the little LV barettes and there is still controversy [well its not that serious] of the bathing suit she wore when she and kim kardiaperian was in Austraillia (cant spell) on holiday
  12. Interesting. I wouldn't think Paris would wear a fake anything. Unless he wants to be like Britany.....
  13. her bag is real but her sister's line of bags chanel 'inspired'
  14. it's sooo cute :p