Is Paris a faker?

  1. I just came across this old picture of Paris Hilton with a spy bag. Now, we all know she can afford the real thing, but in this picture doesn't the leather look a little too smooth (the flap especially)?? What do you think??

    P.S. You may have seen the pictures of Britney sporting more than one fake Chanel. So we know there ARE celebrities out there with fakes. In fact, it was reported that she just picked up two fake Guccis in Baha this weekend!! :tdown: Shame, shame!!
  2. I do not know if her bag in this picture is fake, but I do know that a long long time ago she was spotted before in a fake Louis Vuitton bikini, so she may be carrying a fake here, but I am not sure.
  3. Paris was also photographed with a LV bag that doesn't exist - it's such a shame!
  4. It certainly wouldn't surprise me. I'm not familiar enough with the Spy bags to make the call, but I don't hold Ms. Hilton in very high regard.
  5. Yeah, I think there is a pic of her in our "celebs with fendi" thread with a black spy that looked fake to me (too smooth). This is probably the same one.
  6. Paris is known for carrying fakes. She has been photographed before with a fake LV multi wallet.
  7. HA! That's hysterical!
  8. Well if you've seen/heard about the video "One Night in Paris"...I should think so! :wtf:

    Oh, you mean faker, not, f_cker..I see.:roflmfao:

    Actually, I think its real... probably first year spy...:shrugs:
  9. baglady, ROFLMAO...she's been spotted w/ lots of fake LV in the Celebrities w/ LV thread...
  10. I think this one looks quite real. I don't know she has been spotted wit A LOT of fake's, but I heard about 1 or 2 that supposedly were never made (only that is also a 'problem' with custom made bags, people tend to think it is fake because they never seen it)
  11. Mmm... i agree looks too smooth

    Just a note: The LV bags she was carrying were fake because LV doesnt do custom orders in the MC line she was carrying