(Is) Paraty bags Limited Edition

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  1. I had gone to selfridges and the SA told me that the colored paraty is there only till they are sold out ....the black and the python will be till the end of december and then they will be discontinued .:crybaby:
    I have kept a choc paraty on hold .
    Is it true then
    Any news.......
  2. I have no idea? I would have thought that the Paraty will be repeated next season due to it's popularity?

    Hopefully the SA is wrong (they sometime are:P)......

    And you have a Chocolate one on hold? :nuts: Sounds great!
  3. Maybe she was referring to the Python, I know that one is selling out very fast, very, very hard to find. I was told by the Chloe boutique yesterday that after the second batch arrives (with an already almost sold out waiting list) that there will be no more black python. However, it seems to me that if something is that 'hot' (like the paddy), that they would continue on with the style.
  4. I enquired about the python ,she said no ..it was the colored bags and as it is the runway bag ,they want to stop the production on the whole style .....
  5. sounds silly really, i mean they finally make a bag that everyone wants again after paddy.
  6. If you look around PF today, I think they've all sold this weekend anyway!:roflmfao:
  7. yeah i think so to!
  8. I agree with what others have said - it would be silly for them to discontinue the paraty, it's really popular. I wonder if it's as popular as the first paddies?

    I also want to get a paraty at some point, so they shouldn't discontinue it, I can't afford to break my ban right now to buy one! :P
  9. i was told from the SA in Nordys,,that there will be more colors comming for the Paratys so i dont know if they'll limit the style anytime soon.
  10. My SA at the Chloé Store told me that the paraty will be more than one season, but with changing colours. And I found this in the ss collection 09 - a paraty tote/shopper with leather and striped canvas :smile:

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  11. As per my SA the Paraty will continue for the upcomming cruise season, hopefully will be Chloe's permanent line.
  12. I just touched and feel it....Actually, I just order it with my SA....they're going to ship tomorrow and I will get it next week...I hope. But My concern is I am really love it or just because it is a "IT" bag , "HOT" bag so i want to grab it??? Anyway, they are charged me already, will coming next week I HAD ORDERED A PYTHON ONE....YAY, my kidney gone!
  13. Ayyyhhh, That's ok, we only need one anyhow!:roflmfao: We'll be waiting for pics when it arrives!!:yes::tup: Congrats in advance :nuts:
  14. OMG, stop it! you make me want to run back to Nordstrom and buy one.
  15. OMG, you can not stop it, since Paraty's talk all day. I can not resist myself..so I had to run and charge without thinking more....And ppl just keep telling :" it's a huge wait list" so first come first serve....what i can do? I am really back in BAN again...no more for me until the end of this year! Yeah, right! :P:P:P
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