is paddy a classic?

  1. hi all....
    i am new to chloe, so I hope my question does not offend anyone.
    I recently starteed getting obssesed with paddy.... i just love it.....:love:
    however, i want to know if it is going to be (is) considered classic, like chanel classic flap for example. just want to justify the investment, thats all.......
  2. As much as I love my paddies, I don't think she is a classic. The lock is just too overbearing to be so. But, the good side is you can always take the lock off! Buy it because you love it and expect to love it even as time passes by, not otherwise. You could always rationalize that it'll be vintage later on too! ;)
  3. I second that! I love my paddies but I don't think they are comparable to Chanel or LV as far as being classics. Buy only because you love it, not because everyone has it. :heart:
  4. Only time will tell if the Paddy will become a classic. It only just came out last year!
  5. So true! :yes:
  6. Whether it becomes a classic or not, I will always :heart: and proudly carry my paddington.:yes: It's a fabulous leather bag. I own numerous LV's that I also have :heart: for, but even while they are considered classics, EVERYONE & their dog has one, which kind of takes away from the specialness.:shame: I like that Paddys, even though they were the hot bag last year, I don't see too many when I go out and I live in LA!:smile: