Is Paddington Shoulder bag heavy?????

  1. I have purchased and returned a few Chloes because of the weight, namely, the large Heloise, (unbelievably heavy), and the regular Paddington. As the Paddington shoulder bag is not available in the brick and mortar stores anymore, and I have seen some on eBay, I was just wondering what you all thought about this bag. Is it heavy on the shoulder without anything in it, is there room in the 2 zippered top pockets, or is the bulk of the room in the top middle open unzippered pocket? I really like the bag, but prefer most of the stuff to be hidden with zippered pockets...

    Thanks for any help you can give!!!
  2. I have it, but I have not used it yet. I did try it with my stuff in it and I thought it was lighter than the other paddington satchels that I tried. Also, I think it looks good with or without the padlock, since the padlock just slips between two zippers.