Is ORANGE a usable color for a bag?

  1. I love this bag. And, I love the color- bright, bold, rich, screamin' orange.
    I'm concerned about a few things:
    A) is it too impractical/gaudy?
    B) will it show dirt faster?
    C) will it cause a traffic accident downtown, make a dog attack me, bees sting me, or babies cry? (Okay, I guess that's pretty drastic; but you get my drift.)

    Do YOU have a vivid orange bag or know anyone who does? What do you think about them?
  2. go for it! i love orange, yet i don't have anything orange. i've been waiting for an orange bag to buy. this season is going to be all about color, so the timing is perfect!! fashion should be fun!!
  3. This is supposed to be the season of brights. I recently purchased two orange bags. (Of course, one was just $45)
  4. I'm all about the bold bags! I think orange would be a fabulous statement color, so I say go for it!
  5. I just bought a Lamb bag in orange. Love that color. This is an exciting season for color:woohoo:
  6. I bought an orange hobo international bag that is bright orange and I love it for a couple of days and then I change it for something else.
  7. I have a beautiful orange bag that I've had for about two years. She's lovely - and I find that I really really like bright colored bags during the heat of summer - really kicks it up. I love it. And it's true, bright colors are in, so I just might have to bring it out sooner rather than later!
    I think orange is absolutely lovely and there's really no color that it DOESN'T go with - I find it far more neutral than you would believe. I think that orange is actually better than red, believe it or not!!!! :hugs:
  8. I like orange too! I do not think it is impractical or gaudy (unless it is a neon orange, like traffic cone orange, that might be a bit much) will probably show dirt faster than a black/brown/dark bag, but not that much.
  9. I think of it as a very bright brown. As in it would match everything brown would.
  10. I love orange! Burnt orange, in particular.
  11. i would but i have enough orange going on in my hair;)
  12. I was tempted recently by an orange Prada messenger, but resisted as I have enough bags. But I think orange is a surprisingly wearable bag colour, especially during the summer months.
  13. Orange is my favorite non neutral color, so yes. Hermes picked it to be their signature box color, so that says something!
  14. I just received this bright burnt orange bag yesterday:

    It looks more red online, but in person I consider it, like I said, bright burnt orange. I also ordered the the yellow but I think I am keeping the orange because it is something different. It seems like there is a lot of yellow out there.

    I say go for it!
  15. I think orange is a great color! I don't have any but have seen a couple lately that I am thinking of adding to my collection. Go for it!