is online purchased LV in north america all maded in USA

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    I lived in ottawa and purchased black ALMA BB. the beauty arrived today however it is made in USA. a bit disappointed since i was hoping it to be made in france. It is shipped from Cranbery NJ, US. i purchased online. is it true that all LV purchased online in NA and shipped from US are made in USA?

    What about your LV ?
  2. I'm hoping you get an answer! I'm awaiting an online purchase and it was shipped from New Jersey, I'm really hoping it was made in France. If not it's whatever, but I would prefer it to be MIF.
  3. Interesting, I don't know I'm waiting for my purchase to show up :biggrin:
  4. I've purchased a great deal from here in the US. They are all shipped from NJ. Most of my bags have been Made in USA except my Mono Speedy 30 was Made in France. Though the majority of my SLG's have been Made in Spain.
  5. The only things I've ordered online are mon mono pieces and they were shipped from France.

    It is my understanding though that everything else from the website I shipping from NJ and since it comes from the US I would assume a very high likely hood of getting items made in the US. I live in Toronto and find the majority of the stuff in the stores are MIF, I fact I have yet to even get anything MIUSA from a store.

    So I guess if you want MIF items it is best to visit a store than to order online :sad:
  6. Good to know. I think maybe the new release items and the limited item might be MIF or MIS.
  7. The only thing I ordered from the LV site so far is my Neverfull, and she was made in Spain.
  8. Hmm, I did buy 3 items this past December from the website (DE Cles, DE Pochette NM and DE Mini Pochette) The Cles and Mini Pochette were MIF, can't remember the Pochette NM - I can check later today when I go home. All items were shipped from NJ, USA.
  9. I've bought from LV online..the item comes from NJ too and I have some made in USA, France and Spain.
  10. Interesting. i wished mine was MIF. I need to travel to diffdrebt city to purchase in store..
  11. No I have received MIF, MIS & MIU.
  12. I just checked my Pochette NM and it's made in Spain. :smile:
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    I think it depends on what bag or item you are ordering. The alma bb's I looked at in the store last fall had the cloth tag and were made in USA..
  14. No, I have bought an Eva, Zippy wallet & Cles online and all 3 were Made in France!
  15. I wonder if you ask for MIF if they will search one out for you.