Is NYC safe to vist now?

  1. We were planning to visit NYC mid next week.

    I was wondering if it is safe to visit after the steam pipe explosion with the asbestos flying in the air. Are there major damages? Has the mid town area re-opened?

    What do you guys think?
  2. ^^ WAAAIIT!! What happened? Our internet and TV was fried for the past couple of days thanks to a storm. Were many people hurt???
  3. Only a few blocks around the explosion are considered to be unsafe. I would assume by next week that any asbestos issues would be resolved.
  4. All your questions can be answered by visiting internet sites like the New York Times, NYONE, The Daily News and The New York Post...just google. Yes, NYC is safe!!! This is one small area affected.
  5. Perfectly safe! My boyfriend was there yesterday!
  6. Just be sure you pack this:


    I heard that Chanel has a Cambon version... ;)
  7. I was there two weeks ago. When did this happen?
  8. ^ about 2 days ago
  9. Yes, NYC is safe! It is safe almost all the time as long as you use common sense. ;) I am sure the city has blocked off the areas that are still a mess. I'm flying in to Laguardia on Wednesday. My friends and family in NY would have cautioned me if there was any real threat.
  10. So it was an explosion. *shrug* Welcome to NY! :p

    Perfectly safe, from all reports.
  11. Gee...I don't think this is funny at all, esp. for those of us who actually live here. In answer to the initial question the steam pipe exposion was in an isolated area...very close to my husband's office and all is relatively back to normal. No asbestos in the air concerns. You can always check the offical NYC government website...NYC.GOV.
  12. Which is why I posted that as a joke.

    If there were people still in danger I wouldn't have. :rolleyes:
  13. We live in a city where fear is part of our lives...sorry but I fail to see the humor in your post.
  14. Honestly, I disagree with that a lot. I don't live in fear, and neither do most of the people I know. . I don't mean this to sound snobby, but are you a native? Most of the people who tend to be jittery are newcomers, whether they've came here before or after 9-11, or folks from the suburbs who don't come into town often.

    My boyfriend freelances and has been working at one of the buildings that was shut down because of the incident. Fortunately he was at another site that day, but I still called to check in on him as soon as I heard. Yesterday, I saw one woman a little further uptown wearing a paper face mask. But that's probably a smart move regardless, heh.
  15. I don't think people are consciously jittery, but incidents like what happened earlier this week do bring up bad memories. That said, if NYC folks were jittery all the time, the city wouldn't be able to function. My friends and I say we live in an inactive war zone that's been peaceful for the past 5 or so years, thank goodness.

    It's perfectly safe to come visit, it's not like all of Manhattan blew up or anything. The only reason the blocks in the "Frozen Zone" are unsafe is because the roads are all torn up and there's a lot of debris.