Is now a good time?

  1. Hi eBay experts! I have 2 vintage Chanel bags I want to sell. Is now an okay time or should I wait until Fall? Does it matter as much with vintage? Thanks!
  2. Just try it ;) we never knew our luck anyway, if you ask me, I can say this time has not a good time yet... Usually, I can sell for 3 up to 5 LVs in a week, now, go for 1 or 2 only even ever none in a week :s
  3. I would hold off a while longer if I were you. I quit listing about a month ago due to slow sales. Other sellers have written that things will start moving again in mid August or early September.
  4. Strongly agree with chloebalenciaga :yes: :yes:
  5. Thanks for the advice; I'm new at this!
  6. Well, for those of us who have been selling on eBay for awhile now, have noticed that summer is reeeeallly slooowww. It's been a real bummer. Not for the buyers - they usually get great deals...but sellers haven't been moving much.
    I'd wait until Fall. I love the Fall. Cold crisp Fall (or so I hear, I don't get a cold crisp Fall here in L.A.) and I betcha lots of ladies will be clawing for those Chanels! :yahoo:
  7. Ya - if you do sell now put it BIN - not an auction. I tried to sell a fendi last week - thank God I had a reserve on it or I would have sols it for $41!!!
  8. eBay reduced their final fee charges till Aug. 5. Maybe that is the time eBay predicts the sales will be picked up?
  9. I'd wait until mid Sept. I believe a lot of the buyers of high end items are on vacations..busy with kids not in school..doing extras at work because others are on vacation. I sell during the mid-Summer..but only inexpensive things or items with a reserve.
  10. I'd also wait until fall. I was looking at bags in December last year, and the prices were through the roof compared to now - probably people buying Christmas presents. Any time from Sept /Oct is when I will be listing my more expensive items!