Is now a good time to sell?

  1. I purchased a Marigold First from the 2004 line, about 8 months ago on eBay. I paid a small fortune for it.:nuts:

    I've only used twice! And I'm really starting to think that I should sell it...

    But, I looked on eBay and there several similiar color bags, (jaune) from this years collection for sale.

    Should I wait? Or is the 04 leather that much more desired?:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    Please help.
  2. It is much more desired....but a caution...the prices of Bbags have dropped from the frenzy a year ago!
  3. I would say that bags from 2004 are highly desirable. Whilst the new season's colours are gorgeous, 2004 leather is just so special. I've got a lovely 2004 pumpkin First and I just couldn't bear to part with it.
  4. personally, i think all older bags are desireable. however, if this is a post notifying us that you are going to sell it and you are "fishing" that is not allowed. :nogood:
  5. I can completely understand your concerns.... It really is about timing/having an interested party or parties at the time. Sales are slow right now. Since you mention you paid a small fortune, unfortunately I think you might be hard pressed to break even right now. BUT you never know. Best of luck! The leather in 04 is very special so hopefully that will be enough of a draw, it would for me.:graucho:
  6. I would post it up as best offer and see what happens.
  7. Thanks ladies! I guess I have some thinking to do. :wondering
  8. There is always Ann's Fabulous Finds and Real Deal Collection, that take consignment bags.

    I agree w/ NIcole though, your post could easily be seen as "phishing" which could get you in trouble on tpf. I don't think the mods like threads like this, they go downhill fast.
  9. :huh:

    I don't think it would have a hard time on ebay b/c there are no Jaune Firsts (correct me if I'm wrong ladies)

    + 2004 leather is------- well, HIGHLY desired and coveted....GL anyhow!
  10. I'm well aware of the rules. Sorry if this post may "seem" like I'm phishing. But I'm NOT. So if its necessary, Mods can close this thread.

    But trust me, I know the rules. Thanks for your concerns. :smile:
  11. Good I am glad that everyone is cognizant that we do not permit buying and selling on the PF, and hopefully everyone will respect the rules even behind the scenes. Thank you!!!
  12. I would say, no. It is not a great time to sell. I would hold off until after Christmas. I have three under retail super hot bags for sale and there is not much interest at the present time.
  13. Personally, I don't think '04 Marigold is going to hit the high prices it did in the past years until S/S '08 Acid Yellow comes out and people wish they had a more mellow yellow bag to buy.

    The F/W '07 Jaune isn't as vibrant as '04 Marigold but it's at retail now and close enough...and until all of them are gone it's going to be hard to recapture that small fortune you paid.

    I remember back last year an '04 Marigold First could go for $1,600 just b/c there hadn't been a yellow bag in *forever*...but now that combination is more of a collector's piece.
  14. someone told me that right now was a bad time to sell used bags, people are looking to buy holiday gifts and such. :sad: I would hold off until after christmas too!!
  15. If you are going to list something, I think right after Christmas is a terrible time to do it. I figure when people get all the bills from Christmas in January, they take a month a month or two to pay them before they think about buying anything. I wouldn't list ANYTHING between December 20th and to early March. But then in March, the new bags start coming out.