Is new vernis color actually called Candy Apple red?

  1. The SA referred to it today as Pomegrante when I asked her for the new Vernis color...
  2. Isn't it Pomme d'Amour?
  3. mine referred to it as pomegrante too.
  4. I know it's pomme d'armour, but just wasn't sure what the actual color was, since apple of love isn't a color :smile: Candy apple red makes more sense then pomegrante...
  5. lol... My dh just introduced me to a pomegrante and the color does remind of the fruit.
  6. It does look like a pomegrante if you look at the seeds they're all glazy and blue bloody look to it.
  7. well..pomme d'amour is toffe apple or candy apple. May be SA just assume it's pommegrante because it rhyme with Pom...I think Grenade for pomegranate in French..
  8. hmm..could be right for pomegranate seeds color

  9. Nita, where in the world did you get that pic?:nuts:

    Still looks like pomegrante...
  10. the darker section of the one on the bottom is the exact color of the new vernis, such a dark gorgeous burgundy red color. I love it!
  11. I was gonna say - I have an "old red" piece - and I see that as being more of a candy apple red. The new red, to me, is much more of a pomegranate. The new red is very deep, with a tinge of purple/maroon - whereas the old red was very bright, with more of a pink tint to it - more like the color of an actual carnival candy apple.
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  13. I agree with you, I had my red thompson with me when I was in store.This new red is really dark in red and my thompson (ols red) is more like candy apple red. I am just wondering why the new one called pomme d'amour..
  14. In culinary terms, pomme d'amour = apple of love = tomato. The tomato, a relative of belladonna/nightshade, was believed to have aphrodisiacal qualities for a long time. However, it can also refer to candy apples, according to this entry in Wikipedia: Pomme d'amour - Wikipédia

    That said, I've seen the color in person and it does look more like candy-apple than tomato-red to me. It's very rich and deep and yummy.

  15. LOL..:graucho:'s more pomegranate than candy old red is candy apple