Is new caviar still leather?

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  1. Hello,
    I purchased a Classic flap in caviar from the boutique yesterday and I noticed that the caviar isn't as shiny as previous years. The authenticity card and sticker shows 19XXXXXX.

    Now the interesting thing is, with closer inspection comparing it to previous caviar leather (12XXXXXX) and (14XXXXXX) and even another 19XXXXXX caviar wallet; I noticed that my new Classic flap doesn't have pores! (sorry if that sounds weird, but shouldn't leather have pores? Is there such thing as no pores on leather??? There is no scent to the bag except a slight leather smell in the interior. I'm very curious if any of you girls noticed this too!

    I will post photographs after this post for you to see.
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396650616.165872.jpg
    12XXXXXX caviar classic flap, you can see pores. This is also shiny caviar.
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396650804.000712.jpg
    My new classic flap caviar I bought yesterday. 19XXXXXX bag
  4. If you zoom into PVC or plastics, they will also have no pores. Are the new flaps.. plastic?
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    I just knew we were getting to where someone would get an electron scanning microscope for using to look at these bags! :cool:

    Leather is made from critters. For caviar, it's cow. It's pebbled cow skin (calf). It's not plastic. Today's caviar is made from cow and the bags from earlier days that are caviar were made from cow. I don't have access to an electron scanning microscope anymore, so I can't take those kinds of photos of mine to show you, but trust me, authentic Chanel caviar is made from pebbled calf (cow) leather. :smile:

    Oh, just to add. Suede is the outside part of the calf hide (skin). That's why it's fuzzy, as cows have fur/hair (which is what "pony hair" things are made from). Ostrich has feathers. Alligators have scales same as snakes. When those types of leather are used, you'll see where the feathers were pulled out or the pores are in the skin. Cows don't generally have pores that you can see other than with an electron scanning microscope, especially as often leather is split to make one hide (skin) into more, so one person would get the outer split (towards the outside of the cow or the epidermis) and another the inner split (towards the organs of the cow or the inner dermis). There's a ton of info out there if you do a search for how leather is made.

    They do all kinds of interesting stuff to tan leather. Good for a bedtime read. :smile:
  6. My guess is that it's just more heavily treated (thicker varnish/dye)......

  7. Now I'm a little embarrassed, now the boutique should provide electron microscopes to ensure quality, might as well with price increases haha :lol:

    But it is very interesting that the new leather doesn't have pores, I wonder if that explains why its matte, or perhaps they put a layer of paint/wax over it nowadays. *who knows* I wish I was a leather expert. haha
  8. Lol Tutu, you're such a hoot! I didn't know you worked with electron scanning microscopes. :biggrin:
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396651937.604327.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396651990.002139.jpg
    Alright, I think I've found pores, it's still leather! Hahah
  10. I think your right. :smile:
  11. I am amazed at the photos that people can get these days when looking at a bag. I just look it once over, and if everything is attached, I'm good to go! Your post did make me laugh, because it truly does look like you used one of those microscopes. That must be one amazing camera you have!
    I have so many talents and abilities (jill of many trades but master of none?) :cool: and they let you play with all kinds of stuff when you are in med school. :smile:
    Yay! It's a cow! ;) Um...err....was a cow. Poor cow.
  12. Hmmm good insight, thats really interesting... :smile:

    Thats awesome you worked with electron microscopes.
  13. You have one fabulous camera!
  14. :lol::lol::lol:

    Its actually my iphone, with a Olloclip macro lens attachment! :P

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  15. I noticed this also, that the newest caviar bags are made of a more stiff/sturdy caviar leather. They do feel more plasticky. BUT personally I actually liked this a lot as the bags feel higher quality and more solid and thick.

    I'm of the overall opinion that Chanel quality actually improved dramatically over the last 5 years. The materials may not feel as soft, but I think the bags are more durable now.

    I compared an anniversary reissue with a modern one the other day and the bags felt totally different in every way.