Is Neverfull PM too small?


Jul 19, 2011
I have an obsession about buying a Neverfull PM. I want a simple, lightweight open bag that is not to big and perfect for quick trips here and there.

So I went to the boutique to fondle the Neverfull PMs. I have this bag in the MM size and love it, but it just seems to big for a grab and go bag that will hold just wallet, key, phone and Kleenex.

Anyway, the SA said the bag looked way too small for me, and steered me away from it. I should add that I'm 5'11"

Anyone tall gals out there carry an NF PM? Any opinions anyone?
I'm 6ft, and a somewhat slender to regular build and I bought a PM, and then brought it right back for the GM. I can fold the GM sides in for a lesser sized look and the sides extended is still fine on my frame. I couldn't fold the PM sides in - it just didn't look proportionate and even extended... I just liked the GM look on me better. But truthfully it didn't look bad - I just preferred the versatility of the GM on me.
How about a NM pochette for running errands? Or a Bloomsbury?
I personally think Neverfull PM looks too small for the style of the bag but only because it's a tote, you know? If you love it, then you should get it!
I have 2 nf Pm and a nf mm. In My opinion two very different bags. Love that the Pm is small, not sticking out. It feels more secure. Fits all the essentiels. To me it is very grab and go. More like a purse. Also love the fact that it is a less common bag. I think it is super cute! Jerusha couture and mel soldera both did a great review of it on YouTube.
I am not tall, but I didnt get the bag because of My body type or length. ( would get a GM even though I am not tall if it would suit My needs and lifestyle). Hope I am making any sense[emoji6]. Have fun deciding!
I'm 5'2 and I've got the NF PM in DA. I love it, I truly do, but for what I carry I'm finding it just too small. I don't even carry a lot. Phone, keys, cosmetic pouch and sunglasses case are pretty much it. Even being as short as I am I'm looking at an MM. Hope this helps!
Not if it fits your needs. For me, MM is the perfect size! Big enough to carry all my essentials and its just the right size proportion for my body [emoji4][emoji4]
I'm 5'10 and any NF smaller than the GM just makes me look bigger/taller. Would you consider a pochette or one of the nanos? With a pochette you can use it both as a small purse on its own or as an additional pouch in your NF MM, and the nanos are meant to be small;it's almost the smaller they look the cuter they become...the teeny tiny noe just kills me each time I see one:hbeat:
Well I'm short (5'2") and I love my neverfull pm. Not much help to you on the height question but I say if you love it get it! Don't let an SA determine what you buy or don't buy. It's your bag and lifestyle and if it makes you happy then you rock it!
Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. I haven't crossed the NF PM off my list yet, but I will consider some of the alternatives you all have suggested. I just LOVE Purse Forum [emoji182]
I'm 5' 9.5" and I think my NF PM works on my medium frame. I tried the MM but it seemed too big for what I carry (not much more than you). I was a bit unsure about the PM but went w/it. So glad I did as it gives me the look I wanted.
I was interested a while ago in buying the Neverfull pm to use for the same reasons you want one, but when I tried it on the SA told me it was too small and to go for the mm. I am 5"3. I have a Neverfull mm now but don't always use it because sometimes I find it too big. I still think of adding the pm size now and then, maybe in a different print.
Another style you could consider is the Delightful pm, which could work well as an open top grab and go bag.
I have the pm and mm, I'm 5'3. I love the pm for the reasons u mentioned but I hate that the straps are so short. I've put on weight since I purchased it which makes it uncomfortable to shoulder carry. But it is a great little bag.