Is Neverfull only for young people

  1. Is Neverfull only for young people

    I really like the Neverfull, price is reasonable, can be carried on shoulder. When I was searching around the pictures of Neverfull, I found most of people who owns and loves the Neverfull are mostly under 30. Is Neverfull style more suitable for young people? For those of you who has Neverfull, how old are you?
  2. I don't think it has an age...I don't have one but my mother has it and she's 58! She carries it for everyday at work or shopping...but I don't think it can be formal even in younger people so don't worry and treat yourself with a nice's very comfortable...
    Good luck
  3. I am 30 years old and I have neverfull mm... by the way I saw lots of people 30 and up years old carriying neverfull... No age rules for the bags... just have fun.
  4. I turned 43 in December and I have the Neverfull MM. I don't think it natters what age you are. Carry what you like! :yes:
  5. Only for young people? Definitely no..
    Infact, ironically I've always thought that the bag would look good on mature people.
    As long it suits one's style, it doesn't matter if a particular bag is carried by a 19 or a 50 yr old. ;)
  6. Anyone can wear this style, for sure!
  7. Not at all, I think it's great for all ages ! :yes:
  8. i am 30 and i have a neverfull gm. its handy to tote things for my little baby :biggrin:
  9. No, I don't believe in certain LV lines being for certain ages. As long if you are comfortable carrying it, rock it!
  10. No way! the first time i saw a neverfull gm was at the airport and it was a late 40's -50's genteleman that looks like he came from some type of business trip. I was like, damn that's hot and different seeing a man carrying that bag.

    i'm 21 but i personally think it's open to all ages!:wlae:
  11. I've seen all ages carrying them in different sizes.
  12. Hey, cginny and I both turned a young 43 this December. I carry the Neverfull PM and think I look spectacular with it! If you saw me you would agree! But, then again is 43 old?!
  13. I agree! Feel free to rock whatever bag YOU like. :rochard:
  14. No way, if you want it go for it!
  15. Never an age limit on a bag!