Is NET-A-PORTER 100% safe?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm thinking of getting a Chloe Paddington from net-a-porter.

    I've noticed that maaaaaaaaaany have purchased from them, and that they have an 'offical' online boutique store for Chloe.

    Has anyone ever had any problems/ concerns with authenticity of net-a-porter items?

    I'm guessing probably 'no', but just want to make sure!

    Thanking you all in advance!

    - Jo -
  2. I have purchased some beautiful things from net a porter and they are 10000% authentic. The ship fast and have great customer service and will exchange / refund.
  3. Hii..... it is the best online designer place to shop online..... very safe and the best customer service.... they will exchange n refund any item..... they ship world wide... i am from Dubai, UAE and i usually get shipment within 3 days max......
  4. Cool, thanks.

    I want to get the Tobacco Paddington... and Net-a-porter seems to be the best option...

    I wonder if they will go on sale any time soon... hmmm
  5. Sorry to tell you but you just missed the sale. The tobacco paddy was half price!!! :yes: There might be another sale before/after christmas...
  6. Very safe. I've bought many things from there. Quick shipping, great customer service and easy returns. No worries.
  7. I got the tobacco paddy from NAP half price and it is completely authentic - they are one of the only places online where you can be totally satisfied with authenticity on chloe items
  8. And...if you look at the top of the page here you'll see it's one of the Purse Forum's recommended sites!:yes:
  9. They're the best! super fast shipping, beautiful packaging, def buy from them again... love them love them so much....
  10. If you got to the official chloe site you will see that they flip you over to NAP to purchase online.
    So, YES they are 100% safe.
    And, I just got 2 items from them and they are WONDERFUL!
  11. Yes! They are fabulous to work with and 100000% authentic!
  12. You might also want to check at, I just saw some paddys for lower than retail....and I know she had a few colours including the tobacco. There is also an extra 15% off right now

    I just bought a Burberry handbag from them and their service was excellent and definitley authentic as verified by VLAD.
  13. Net-a-porter is definitely one of the finest places to buy designer goods online. I think someone on here mentioned that they usually have a sale the couple of days before Christmas. I can't remember which thread that was in, but I know I read it.
  14. The sale is still going on ......... check the International site and the US site. I think the US site is the only one with some Chloe products right now.
  15. one word...