Is Neon Blue LP Mahala in stores now?

  1. Or did I miss it?
  2. Yep, but when I bought the Mave from Harrods the SA said they sold out of the larger bags very very fast. Jburgh got a Mahala a couple of weeks ago. It's gorgeous! footcandy also had Mave and Malena available before Christmas.
    I don't know if you caught an earlier thread on this, but it's not being sold by JC boutiques but by department stores.
  3. Im pretty sure i saw one at Nordstrom Roosevelt Field in long island, NY last night
  4. Yes, they are in a few stores, but very limited as the US Boutiques decided not to carry them this Season :confused1:

    I am not sure why the JC Boutiques would not order them, as the EB Mahala's were such a hit :choochoo: :choochoo:

    Fortunately, I have the WONDERFUL Jbugh to thank for hunting one down for me and it arrived on Christmas Eve :wlae:
  5. So Robyn, is this LP Mahala your latest handbag purchase? Or is there another "surprise" that is coming your way? :rolleyes:
  6. OOOoooooo! I almost forgot about the surprise :lol:
    Was NBLP it??? :nuts:
  7. Yeah Robyn...fess up!
  8. OK Jburgh :bagslap: :bagslap:
  9. No, I only wish it was the NBLP Mahala :nogood:
  10. So you got the blue one and another one? Where are the pics? Stop teasing, you bad girl!
  11. Thanks for the replies ladies. Yeah, Robyn what did you get?
  12. Hi, pls help, does anybody know where this bag is still available? The color is beautiful. Would really like to get one. Thank you.
  13. Hi there hanei, haven't heard from you in a while. The neon blue liquid patent Mahala ia carried in the US by Nordstrom.

    If you are in the US, give Stacey a call at the Bellevue Nordies and she will hunt one down for you... her number is (425) 455-5800.
  14. Does anyone have a pic?
  15. There is a pic of jburgs mahala and my mave and a stock malena in the reference section. :tup: