Is Neiman being Unreasonable?

  1. Hi! I just need some feedback from anyone with pass experience on returns to Neiman. I bought some Tory Burch Clear Ballet Flat back in November and had to return them after wearing it only one time because the flats gave me terrible blisters on both of my feet and now come to find out Neiman is sending it back to me because they wont' accept the return! What should I do?? I can't wear the flats, they are just so painful! I thought their return policy would be way better than that! I am just so fustrated! I will never buy anything from them again.
  2. Well, usually stores won't take shoes back if they have been worn outside. Was this through a brick-and-mortar Neiman's or Neiman's online? I think you might have more leverage if you can take them back in person to a Neiman's.

    BTW, Jenny McCarthy gave a helpful tip on shoe returning on "The View" - she said to put tape on the bottom of the shoes and wear them out and about, then remove the tape to return them. I was flabbergasted that someone that rich would do something so devious (and talk about it on national TV like it was no big deal). :tdown: But I digress... :p
  3. Did they say why? I don't think they should take them back if you've obviously worn them. However, I have seen shoes at stores that were obvious returns, so maybe some stores do take them. It doesn't seem hygenic to me, especially if you had blisters (sorry, just my opinion).
  4. I have to agree. It's not their responsibilty you wore ill-fitting shoes.
    They weren't defective, they just didn't fit your feet properly.
  5. Nordstrom's is the only place I know that takes returns on worn shoes,
    no questions asked - this is for B/M stores.

    They also replace shoes that show loose stitching after considerable wear as well.

    NM online does have a disclosure on the receipt to wear on carpet only and they will not accept worn shoes for refunds.
  6. This is bought on NM online. They told me the shoes are being return to me because they were worn. I told them what happen and the SA is telling me I am basically stuck with the shoes and maybe I can donate it somewhere. SA also told me if I send them back again the might turn around and mail it back to me.
  7. You shouldn't have worn them. I only wear shoes in my house if I am unsure as to whether they will work. I don't think they are being unreasonable. They can't sell them b/c they are obviously worn. NM online says right on the website that they only will accept shoes that are in sellable condition...
  8. I guess that's hard lesson for me not to wear them next time. The shoes really didn't feel they were uncomfortable that's why I wore them. I am not a person that takes advantage of anyone.
  9. I have seen used returns at my store too. My guess is it depends on the salesperson. Did you explain the reason for the return? I haven't returned anything used unless it had a manufacturing defect, for instance once I had to return a bag to LV it was a Roxbury bag whose snaps would not stay snapped. That was easy because I loved the bag, and wanted to keep it, just wanted one with the snaps that would stay snapped so they just exchanged it for another Roxbury.
  10. I agree that a store should not accept shoes even worn once. I wear mine around the house on carpet to make sure they fit properly before going outside. Especially with CL when even a small piece of dirt will make a dent mark on the sole.

    I'm suprised tape under the shoe would work. I would still think that rock and scuff marks would go through the tape.

    I would never buy a shoe from a store that was obviously worn. Shoes from a store are suppose to be new. Unless it was eBay and the seller shows the wear.

    You could try selling them on eBay.

  11. I did tell them what happened to me and they told me to donate them to a charity. I find that so funny and yet sad!
  12. give the shoes a bit more time, wear them with thick socks and thick bandages around the sore areas. you can't send them back maybe you could try to make them work for you...

    but in this case they aren't being unreasonable. unless it's faulty, if it's been worn and definitely cannot be resold and it's stated on the policy unfortunately you're going to have to keep it.
  13. sorry to hear about what happend but I have to agree w/NM. Most places do not accept worn shoes. That's why I usually test mine out by wearing them inside my house first.
  14. I had a similar (but better) experience with a cute pair of Sigerson Morrison flats I bought at Macy's. I wore them once and got terrible blisters on both heels. I brought them back to the store, showed them how little they were worn (but definitely worn) and how terrible my feet looked and they took the return with no further questions. I generally don't like Macy's but it was amazing customer service and makes me want to shop there more.
  15. I personally haven't had to return very many pair of shoes but I do know lots of friends that have and never had a problem with stores taking it back. This is actually my first time. Thanks for everyone's feedback. I would wearing them more but since they are plastic the shoes are not going expand to give me more comfort. So if anyone wants them, they are a size 6 but I would say they are more like for some one that's a size 5.