Is my ysl moombasa outdated?

  1. I wanted to change up what ive been wearing a bit and put on my old ysl mombasa (tom ford era) but it's feeling a bit old and dated. What do you think?

    Should i just go and buy something new?
  2. You're asking a bunch of purse fanatics if you should go and buy a new purse? Of course you should!! Seriously, if it feels not right to you, it sounds like you're ready for a new bag. Do you still like the YSL styles or are you finding others that you're attracted to?
  3. I agree with boxermom. You probably are ready for a new bag if the Mombasa doesn't feel right. Personally, as long as I like a bag, I will use it even if others think it is over.
  4. MAybe that's the problem. I do like it. I LOVED it when i bought it. I actually have so many bags i have been trying to recycle before buying more.

    I think the bottom line is that it doesn't FEEL right and i should prob just put it away.

    btw I really love that violet muse. I don't like the downtown very much but the rive gauche is cool. I can't think of anything that i really LOVE right now. Oh well... maybe i will stick to recycling.
  5. By all means indulge your passion for a new bag (maybe the downtown or the violet muse) ... but I have 3 moombasa .... and I holding onto them ... they are classics.
  6. the Mombasa is a classic, but if you don't think you'll use it anymore, sell it
    I've found it's a great feeling to get rid of some of my great bags that I just don't use, I thought it would be more traumatic
    I was hung up on creating this lifetime collection, but now I don't know what that was all about.
    Someone else can benefit and you can get something new!
  7. I agree. I think it's a beautiful bag, and i'd love it no matter what was "in" or not, but if you aren't feeling it anymore, sell it and get one you really love!
  8. It sounds like you are ready for something new.

    I have 3 Mombassas and still love them. I haven't carried one since more than a year ago but they are just so beautiful I'm not ready to part with them.
  9. If that is the only bag you've carried for awhile, you're probably just bored. I wouldn't sell it (I rarely get rid of any of my bags) but buy something new and excited and pack the Mombasa away for now. I find that I can go years without carrying a bag and then suddenly, I like it again.
  10. i know what you mean. sometimes it's hard to get into wearing a certain bag after it's been put away for so long, it doesn't feel like it fits your life in the 'now', even if it might be beautiful to look at. at that point i usually sell up. it's difficult to let go of something so pretty that you may have loved, but you can always put the funds toward something that you'll really feel excited about. :smile:
  11. They are still selling them in YSL stores (2 wks ago in NYC!)..if you find another bag, keep it for a while..I just took mine out and started using it again after using the reversible black/anthracite one for 3 months..Will always be in love with my first!
  12. Mombasa is a classic. I vote for keeping it unless you absolutely don't see yourself wearing it anymore.
  13. i think the mombasa is a classic, but if you really feel that you don't want her anymore then sell. but if you think this is just a phase and you'd want to use her again some time in the future, i'd say keep her.....
  14. mombasa for me is a classic. Look around you wont see the same bag with a deer horn handle like the mombasa that alone makes it a YSL classique and not to mention one of a kind. I dont use my mombasa all the time as im a big bag girl but once in awhile i took it out for a spin when i dont carry much and it still puts a smile on my face everytime i use it and not mention the compliments i get from the bag (i dont even get that much compliments from my other much more expensive bags) I love the fact that its a one of a kind design !
  15. I agree with other girls, I think mombasa is a classic! I have this one and I still wear mine!!:p