Is my wallet defective?

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  1. Hello everyone , two weeks ago i purchased the regular wallet in damier graphite and I have noticed that the wallet doesn't close properly . I took it to the LV store and two sale assistants saw it told me that it is normal and it will soften with the use .The sa made a reservation for a new one just to have it compared with mine and exchange it if the other one looks better than mine. What do you think ? Does my wallet seems defective or is it like it should be ? Do others with the same wallet or with a similar one to have noticed the same think ? Thanks in advance. 12903903_10207598601620785_262498859_o.jpg
  2. I just got a Pocket Organizer in the LV Cup Damier Cobalt and it even spreads open, like 150 degree angle open. It doesn't bother me because it does get soften and collapse down over time. But if it bothers you, go ahead and get a replacement, because no matter what we say, you will be bothered by that for as long as you have it.
  3. It just looks like the canvas is real stiff cause it's fairly new. I'd imagine it would relax with more use. Since you're worried then it's a good idea to compare it with another one to see if this is normal or not.
  4. No, I wouldn't say this is defective, just stiff from being new and unused like pretty much all of the canvas wallets from LV. It will soften over time and 'close' properly once the glazing is 'broken in' but if you're still unsure then compare it to the other one when it arrives.
  5. My husband has had a small DG wallet (Marco as far as I remember) for a few years now and it did not close all the way in the beginning, but the canvas softened with time. I think it's perfectly normal with DG bifold wallets.
  6. thank you everyone for your kind responses , i feel better now that i know that my wallet doesn't seem defective.I have purchased a lot of things from lv but that was the first time i bought a wallet and i didn't know how stiff they are. Now i am waiting for the new wallet just to have it compared with mine and i will see.
  7. I have a pocket organizer. That's completely normal.
  8. I got my boyfriend a goyard wallet for Christmas that was like that, very stiff and wouldn't close flat. But now it's soft and closes all the way so I wouldn't worry
  9. image.png image.png
    Thnx LVT for starting this thread..have an issue as well.....should I be worried of the corking/piping of Sarah Retiro wallet that i purchased yesterday? If you check the pictures, there's a crack on the top left side (see pic) where the flap folds but the other side is perfect. Should I exchange or get it fixed? I wanna start using it tomorrow..
  10. Get it exchanged now so u won't have to hear that it's wear and tear. To repair it will take weeks.
  11. So they wont exchanged bec i personaliZed it with my initials. i'm gonna have to repair it. OMG! I'm mixed emotions right now...
  12. Omg. This sucks. I'm sorry that they will only repair it. That's such an inconvenience esp when it's not ur fault. I totally understand your mixed emotions. Hot stamping is such a nice thing to add to an item but it makes it harder to exchange a defective item.
  13. That's not a glazing problem. The glazing cracked because the stitch wasn't tight enough to hold the two materials together. I'd tell them I want it reglazed AND restitched.
  14. Thanks LVMK..i wasn't sure about the proper term to describe the issue.mI will make sure to request it to get reglazed and restitched. My SA kept saying to bring it in and if I was concerned, they wld see what could be done. Well, I am obviously concerned otherwise I wouldn't bring it up. They were almost trying to indicate it's not a defect and not an issue.
  15. I know! :sad: I won't be heat stamping any of my LVs moving forward.