Is my Speedy damaged?

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  1. Hi Everyone

    A family member purchased an LV speedy 30 for my birthday last year. I stuffed it right away to get the creases out and a few months later (got it in July, took it out Jan) decided I was ready to wear it. There are still two deep creases on each side :/. I stuffed the bag very well so I'm suprised these didn't come out.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is the bag defective?
  2. Nope, not damaged. The more you use it, the faster the creases will come out. Not to worry! =)
  3. The creases will soften quicker when you use the bag.
  4. Oh ok, wasn't sure. Thanks so much :smile:.
  5. The only way to get the creases out is to use it. Stuffing it alone won't do it.
  6. I've had the same thing with my speedy in the beginning. Now the creases come out very quickly. You've got to use it though.
  7. You are very patient! Didn't get to use your bag for almost half year! Anyway, like other posts, using it often will make creases go away faster.
  8. Wow how did you not use your bag for all that time?!?! And everyone else is right, the creases will only come out when you use your bag. I have a keepall that I only use a couple times a year so it still has some creases in it. Enjoy your speedy!
  9. after reading your post I check my speedy 25 coz still in a box and saw a little crease so I have a couple of beanie babys and put them inside to kind a help to stuff it inside and its seems to be working