Is my pre-loved Love ring too rounded at the edges?

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  1. #1 May 6, 2018
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
    A92F4031-2168-4EF4-B455-E2DA9B81FC90.jpeg I purchased a pre-loved Love ring in excellent condition. The certificate said it was purchased in 1994. I was absolutely thrilled because the price was great and I’ve been stalking a pre-loved option for a while!

    I’ve never seen a new Love in person for long, so maybe this is my imagination, but does this ring have really rounded edges? Everything looks flawless. But just wondering if it looks like it has been polished too much or is it normal looking? It’s my first pre-loved Cartier.


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  2. Based off of the pictures, the edges do look kind of round. Since it is pre-loved, the edges are not going to be as sharp as a new ring. My ring was super sharp when I first bought it and softened with wear. This may have happened to your ring. Or it could be from being polished. It still looks beautiful, so I would just enjoy it anyways.
  3. Honestly - I find the edges of the Love ring to be too sharp. I would prefer if they were slightly rounded.
  4. They’re rounded, up to you if you like it that way. The screw motif it’s therefor not completely rounded as well. I’ve had the same issue after a SHINE treatment done by Cartier. Up to you if you love it or if it bothers you
  5. Can you please clarify the screw motif not being completed rounded?

  6. Due to the edges more rounded the space between the screw and the end looks smaller. Which -to my eye- makes it look like the screw motif is a bit less sharp near the edges. Hard to explain.
    I’ve found this pic on another thread where you can see clearly how well you see the space/distance of the screw motif and the edges. If the ring is rounded at the edges the distance looks smaller if you know what I mean? I’m just obsessed because it happened to my bracelet and it was the only think I could see after that. Maybe you don’t mind, than you know your answer.
  7. If you look at the screw motif most right you see what I mean the best way.
  8. IMG_1865.jpg
  9. For me, the round edges do not matter as long as it looks nice on a finger. Anyway, it's still a Cartier:smile:
  10. That makes sense. Thank you for explaining! :smile:
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  11. Very good point. And I got a great deal on it. I think I'll keep it!
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