Is my only hope for an Edith via Ebay?

  1. Okay, okay... so I know I'm a little late to the party, but I've already got a grey Edith, and every time a look at it, it makes me want another in whiskey. Is my only hope now eBay? Or have I gone completely nuts and Chloe are going to secretly re-release the Edith in something else I'll want even more? :confused1:
  2. They might still have some at some of the Neiman Marcus lastcall stores across the US. look under the shopping thread for some leads!
  3. I'm late to the party too....I wasn't sure if the Edith was going to be an "it " bag that I hated after 6 months...I really think it is classic. I feel your pain, I'm trying to find one too.
  4. I was at NMLC in the Las Vegas Primm outlet last weekend and there were two dark brown edith satchels, I think the brun color. There was also a large medium-brown edith bowler and a couple of white shoulder ediths.
  5. check out NMLC in Lakewood, CO too, they had the chocolate in Edith, I think different color in the bowler