Is my New Heloise a KEEPER or not?

  1. OK, Ladies, I vowed to buy something less heavy than my Paddy Bags,
    this weighs in at 4 pounds :lol:
    I think I :love: her

    Honestly, do we :heart: her or does she go back to the store :confused1:
    A.jpg b.jpg c.jpg
  2. I Love this bag...its a keeper
  3. Definitely a keeper:tup:.I love it. I thought I was strictly a quilted Bay girl, but I've got to admit to the old heart:heart::heart::heart: beating a bit faster every time I see a Heloise these days...oh dear:s (I'm supposed to be on a strict bag ban, but I do have store credit from Sacoche which I was going to put towards another Bay, but my head is definitely getting turned...)
  4. The leather is very personable, much like the Bay bags :yes:
    The braided handles and hardware add to the weight (compared to a Bay)
    but at the same time add personality.
    I am especially :sweatdrop: the pleats on both sides & the grey accents on the black.

    I really appreciate your opinions!
    With all the constant sales I also swore I wouldn't pay full or close to full price again for my Chloe Collection -
    Oh well, these self-imposed rules are hard to follow :s
  5. It's such a user friendly purse! Those side pockets that enable your hand to glide effortlessly inside is soooo nice and don't get me started about the detailed hardware, especially the little links on the braided handle.

    My sister and I were inspecting the new Chanel's at NM last weekend. There was one bag in particular that her and I gravitated towards, guess who they were copying? Yep, the Heloise. This Chanel had a frame with a braided handle also with little links intertwinded in them? It was probably a 3000 dollar bag.
  6. If you love her and can handle the weight, then I think you should definitely keep her. :yes:

    Honest opinions - are you sure? :shrugs: :lol:

    Although I think the hardware that attaches the handles to the bag is absolutely perfect and the leather is lovely, there are certain things that I still don't 'get' about the Heloise design; like the rings through the open plaits/braids (why?) and all the seams.

    I guess I feel that form should always follow function, or add something positive to the aesthetic. William Morris said that; 'You should never have anything in your home that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.' and I like to apply that rule to all design, including bags and the aforementioned details seem to be neither, to me, TBH.

    I know Marni have made a business out of adding questionable details to rather plain-looking items, but with a few exceptions, Marni has never been my cup of tea. :nogood:

    Having said that, because of my love for the HW and the long strap, I am still, vaguely, considering a Heloise Shoulder Pouch, if it ever goes on sale; but I will not pay retail for something I don't 100% love, in every way. That's my rule! :biggrin:

    Of course, as usual, these are just my personal feelings and not something you should listen to, if you love the bag. :smile:
  7. me likey! :tup:
  8. One more liey vote!
  9. I love the Heloie!!! I thinks its not just beautiful in the traditional way be in terms of being a work of art! I find it very interesting to look at and lovely to touch!
  10. Chic - I think it's a beautiful bag! I would definitely keep it :tup:

    Tag - Would you believe Heloise is my wish list item too?? :flowers:
  11. Thanks, gals :ty:
    She is really sending out some positive vibes. :whistle:
    I have seen brown Heloise shoulders, but I have so many brown bags,
    I really wanted a new black bag:happydance:and she may be my :angel: :flowers:
  12. What a great black bag - glad you are keeping her :smile:
  13. Nice bag, what's a little weight.......builds those arm and neck muscles.....LOL
    I put her on the scale and she actually only weighs in at 3.15 lbs. w/tissue :yahoo:

    This is the medium size. It comes in small & medium (which is quite big :nuts:)
  15. Congrats, definitely a keeper. Enjoy her!