Is my new Black City okay?

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  1. Hi everyone. I haven't been 'round these parts in a while. I miss y'all.

    So...ever since I sold my 07 Black City, I've missed having one. So I got one today (how awesome is Saks $400 handbag deal?!), but I need help deciding if the leather is nice. I'm not good at decribing Balenciaga leather, but it's kinda...not dry but muted or matt or something like that and it's distressed, more on the front than the back. The tassels are so thin. The bag is saturated with color though, so that's good. I like it, but should I wait until Saks get another shipment of Black Cities before using this one or do you think it's fine? TIA!!!

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  2. I think it's gorgeous! I love how wrinkly the leather is, especially on the front :drool: I would keep it, but really it's up to you. If you prefer smoother leather, then maybe you should wait and get another one :yes:
  3. ITA with erica I think it looks gorgeous but it´s up to you:yes:


  4. Is this an 08? I like my Bbags distressed, so I say keep this! But if you're not happy, then exchange it for one that you love.:smile:
  5. I really like that type of leather...I'd keep it!
  6. Oooooh, I love the leather! Great bag! Congrats!:tup:
  7. sorry for my ignorance, but what is the saks $400 deal about?
  8. very cool looking, i like it a lot.
  9. Thanks girls! The saks handbag deal is you buy two handbags totaling $1000 or more and you get a $400 gift card. I got this bag and a LV speedy.
  10. Hi there,
    Which Saks store did you get this City bag from? I thought Saks were not carrying B-Bags anymore?

  11. i think the leather looks beautiful!
  12. i'd say wait for a better set if you like smoother ones..i love smooth leather so this one is too distresed for me..i'm biased hahaha
    but why are yo uasking me? i'm the one with the problem figuring out what of my 3 black cities to get rid of! hahaha

  13. ^^^ ok--- first of all- that is a beautiful bag!!!!:tup:

    next- wth!!! why cant i have a saks here!!!:cursing: and do u have to buy 2 or one that is over 1000.00 good enuf?...:angel:
  14. ^^^
    :roflmfao: you still haven't figured out which you are keeping?!

    oo_let_me_see - that's my favorite type of leather - it gets sooooo soft and slouchy... but it's not about what I like ;) do you like it?
  15. Well, if YOU don't love it, you should exchange it. But I think it's really beautiful. I :love: the wrinkly distressed smooshy leather though.