Is my necklace FAKE????

  1. Hello, let me explain my delemma(sp?)

    I went away on a mini vacation to New York City to get away and visit family.
    My husband stayed behind, he doesn't do New york anymore since we moved from there. Well anyway when I was pushing on two weeks gone my husband started missing me real bad. He also said he had a surprise for me. Of course I egged him on relentlessly until he finally said what it was. He said I got you a Gucci herringbone. I was like huh what does that look like?:wtf: Sounds intriguing. Now before I go on it's not GUCCI as in the name brand, that's just what he called because that's how he could best describe, it's not a knockoff or anything, it's a thick gold herringbone necklace, it's reversable because on one side it has raised "gucci-like" symbols on it placed about an inch apart along the necklace instead of being G's it looks like D's. And on the other side it's plain even though you can still see the symbols but just flat. Any way the necklace is very heavy seems to be of excellent quality and overall it's gorgeous. He said it cost a pretty penny, it looks like it does. Here's my problem, it's gold and on the clasp it says 14KSG just like that, I guess that supposed to mean 14k solid gold, now I've wore plenty of gold since I was a child all the way to adult and I've even brought gold over seas and I ain't NEVER seen that before. I mentioned this to him. I even have gold that says 750 on it, and I know that's 18k. I've even "googled" it and tried finding a similar picture, and I couldn't find anything. Now I've found some similar items on ebay but without the pattern but even the plated ones say 14KGP. And everytime I wear it my neck itches to all hell. That does not happen ever with my gold , only when I wear silver for a long time. I don't know what to think. I"m thinking about doing the old test like putting it under water but I don't want to ruin it. And he always ask why I don't wear it, and I don't know how to bring it up to him. Like I said it's a beautiful necklace and it's been a while since he brought me anything like that. Was he duped??? I KNOW my husband wouldn't KNOWINGLY buy me fake jewelry. He doesn't even like me wearing my Tiffany silver because he says it's SILVER even though I love it so much. Ok sorry so long what do you guys think???:shrugs:
  2. Do you have pics?
  3. I'm sorry I guess I didn't think about that, I guess I didn't realize you can't really tell if I don't show you the necklace, but it looks like any other "real" gold necklace would look like, it's the stamp 14KSG and that my neck itches that's throwing me. I'll try to post pics later. Just thinking about it now I'm getting frustrated because my husband normally doesn't buy stuff like this, he's not a jewelry person, and if it is fake, which I'm betting 80% it is, because of my skin reaction then it would break my heart and I can't imagine how he's going to feel.
  4. Where did he buy it? At a store or on the street?
  5. I would take it to a jeweler and have it tested. There was something on Nightline or one of those shows about how jewelry stores in NYC were selling lower carat than marked jewelry, i.e. the jewelry was marked 14k and it was 12k or 10k or less. If you don't want to hurt his feelings you could say that you took it to a jeweler to see if they could coat it or something because it was bothering you and then the jeweler suggested that it wasn't gold. I've never had a piece of gold jewelry bother me like that. Also, I think you may want to deal with this quickly because if he bought it with a credit card at least you can dispute the charge or return the item. If it is gold perhaps there is some added metal in it that is causing a reaction to your skin, another reason to return it.
  6. He said he got it in a jewelry store(don't know the name) at QuakerBridge mall. He said he saw a necklace in the window.(not the one I have) And then a SA proceeded to tell him that they were having a sale and I guess he told the SA what he could afford, and they showed him the necklace, they were just about to put it on display in the window. I don't know if they haggled the price or what but that's what he came home with. I guess it wouldn't be a suprise if he told me all the details and I wouldn't insult him and ask to see the reciept. QuakerBridge is a very upscale mall they don't have keosks or "mall carts" or anything like that.
  7. Yes, I think that's great advice.:yes:
  8. I would suggest calling a jeweler to ask about it. Or taking it in to be looked at. Never had that problem with my gold either and my skin is very sensitive.
  9. Yeah I guess that's my only choice, (take it to jeweler)I'm getting upset about it now, I mean even though it's nothing I would have picked out myself, cuz I'm into white gold now(it's yellow) I still treasure it because he brought it. I'm think I'm going to just come out and tell him. That way he could take it back right away,I mean I would want him to tell me, like if I got him a fake gold watch or something.:crybaby:and didn't know and his wrist was green. :throwup: I wouldn't want him walking around with a green wrist just so he wouldn't hurt my feelings. On a lighter note, if this was a LV he brought and I thought it was fake, I would have dealt with this ASAP feelings or not :roflmfao: