Is My Muse A Chocolate One Or Not ?

  1. Hi girls, I'm a new here and i'm french ,so please apologize my very bad english :shame:

    I 've just bought a oversized muse in a chocolate color ( or rather what I thought being chocolate :shrugs:).

    In fact, it has redish reflexion and as I read your descriptions of chocolate, it seems to be a color very close to black, but mine can't never be confused with a black one.

    But i don't think it is a oak, that is - if I had anderstood - more "milky" chocolate.

    Did you ever heard about a special edition of chocolate muse that is a little bit reddish or burgundy ?

    Thanks !!!
  2. You're right that the chocolate Muse is very dark and in a dark restaurant, for example, it looks black.

    Yours could be oak or maybe biscotti ?? Take it to a YSL boutique and maybe they can let you know what color it is.
  3. But i'm far away from a YSL boutique. That's why i wanted to know if it was possible that it could be a special edition ?
    Thanks to help me !