Is my Mono Stephen a keeper??


The Stephen Monogram

  1. Keep it!!!! It's a beauty

  2. Return it!!! It's too pricey

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  1. I thought that I was over this bag. First I thought it was too big, too soft, saggy,not stuructured and hated the strap. And hated the price.

    Now I love everything about it. Even the size. I love how big it is. It makes a statement. :heart:

    I just snapped some shots of me wearing the bag. Let me know what you think. I have a few days left before my return policy runs out and I need to make up my mind.

    One hting is definite. If i keep this it will NOT be reserved just for travel as some suggested. Yes its big enough to travel with but I would wear this all the time.

    What do you guys think??? Keep it? :yes:
    stephenmessenger.jpg stephenregular.jpg stephen.jpg
  2. I think it's an awesome bag, but my first impression when I see you wearing it with the long strap is that it looks a little like a carryon.....I think I would like it better handheld. It's a great bag though, and if you think you're going to use it then I think you should keep it.
  3. The Stephen is the new Speedy. Everything is gorgeous about it, strap, details... If you're lucky enough to afford it: keep it!
  4. It sounds like you love it and you should because it's a beautiful piece. As a handheld or a messenger it looks amazing. Good luck making your choice and enjoy it!
  5. gorgeous but, I agree with Lola hand helded would look less like a carry is really it but, too expensive for moi!!! show pics holding it by hand if you can so we can compare...thanks
  6. Let me start by saying that I have this bag and really didnt like it STUFFED...BUT the pics you are posting are stuffed.I would unstuff it..take a pic wearing it "saggY"...Then show everyone.I think thats how the bag looks best..HONESTLY!
    I have been sick all week and unable to post pics wearing it like that....( stomach flu ..BLECK!).....I think it really shows the best qualities of the bag.I think its more a big everyday bag size that way as well.It does look TOO big.. a tad ..when you wear it stuffed.So try to post pics unstuffed..I really think it looks phenomenol THAT way.
    If I feel better later..and look presentable enough(LMAO!)..I will try to post pics of it that way and also compare it to other bags in my collection for size comparisons!
    KEEP IT!I doubted it at first too..NOW I adore it... !!!!
  7. i agree with jill--i would like to see it unstuffed.
  8. Yeah, me too, think I need to see it unstuffed!!
  9. Jill is right...the bag is suppose to slouch a bit so, if it is too full it looks too stuffed....Jill hope ya feel would be nice when you feel up to it!!!!!
  10. If you have got this far i'd keep the bag :smile: Personally I think its hot!

  11. Jill, I hope you are feeling better..[​IMG]

    Iluvbags, I think you should keep the bag. From what I can see you love this bag. I didn't know this bag is so big, I ma small bag kinda gal but the bag is pretty..Good luck..
  12. Keep it if you can afford to.
  13. I would definitely keep it. The bag looks great on you. I want one too.
  14. I say keep it!! It's a gorgeous bag!

    Jill is right though, maybe actually put what you would be carrying in it on a daily basis and then take a picture. Also I would love to see a handheld shot too.
  15. keep it!