Is my love for Chanel dying? I must be crazy....

  1. There are two things that may make you all think I am crazy.

    First I went to Chanel today, tried on the expandable tote in red (nice in pic but just not me when I tried it on) and in brown, and though I prefer the bag in brown (a very rich brown), I don't feel that big "WOW." So I passed onto it.

    Then my SA has a metallic 227 for me, I tried it, figured I do prefer flap bag (I have always prefer chanel flap bags) and bought it home. But again, it must be the expansive price tag (almost $2700 after tax, and I am still thinking about how much a 227 cost just a couple years ago), and the fact that I already have a grey 226 (same style just smaller) and a crackled patent lambskin star-stitched black flap bag from 2005 (similar leather color and texture), now I am thinking about returning. The only thing I like for sure about the metallic black bag is that it is a 227 so I can finally fit my sunglasses in a chanel flap bag, and surprisingly the 227 doesn't look too overwhelming big on me at all, though I do recall trying out a grey 227 two years ago and felt the bag was just way too big on me. I must have grown in the last 2 years. Haha...

    In short, I have been very hesitate about my chanel bag purchase and most of the bags out there just don't get me excited like it was a couple years ago.....What is wrong with me. Is my love for chanel dying? I wonder if it's just the bags in this fall season don't really attract me, or the price hike finally makes me feel I am done with Chanel....:sad:
  2. Dito here too!
    I begin my Chanel addiction back in 2004. I love the 2.55 in medium size so I only bought medium size. My first reissue was size 225. Then I have tried on 226 & I felt was way too big for me. Now since beginning of the year, I got my 226 reissue & jumbo 2.55 in red & black ever. I love the the larger size so much!!! Now I'm thinking of 227 metallic black.

    And I think it's this season collection + the price holding me back too. The only bag I like are the reissue in dark silver & black metallic for this season. I can only justify any of my new Chanel purchases only if I do not have to pay tax & take the advantage of Saks EGC.
  3. Maybe because most of the Chanels you like are flap bags and you are buying similar styles in different colors, so I guess it's normal to lose the excitement after a while. The price increase + hit or miss with quality have made me more selective in my Chanel purchases too.
  4. what is EGC?
  5. I so agree with this, the quality going down hill also turn me off :tdown:!
  6. Hikarupanda, I hear you!!!!!!!!!
    Can't find any of the bags I want (pleated pouch, valentine chain, khaki cabas), don't like the bags coming out for this fall so will not be buying till I get a peak at the Valentine stuff coming out next year!
    The price hike is also very unhelpful to put it politely!
  7. I know how you ladies feel about the price hike, I wish I could say my love of Chanel is dying! I've bought too many this year!
  8. Would be a nice reprieve to be able to take a break. Enjoy it. If something does come around that catches your fancy, go for it. If you do not use the bag you just bought, you have a long time to get a store credit/refund. Think about it a little more, and usually, like any love affair, passion ebbs and flows!
  9. Awww hikarupanda, I too have mostly Chanel flap bags and they're mostly either a 225 reissue or a medium flap size. I'm straying away from buying too many medium sized/225 sized bags because I now want to buy flaps that are practical (6/8 bags I have are FLAPS! 4 of which are small bags). 227 Metallic Black is so highly coveted now. I don't want to be an enabler, but if you let her go now... there may be a chance you won't see her again?

    Please show pics hikaru! :smile:
  10. IMO the price has a lot to do with it. They are getting so expensive -- almost 3000 (including tax) for a flap is breathtaking. I do seem to find several bags each season that I "need" though. LOL
  11. i have the same experience, but with balenciaga.
    i think people's style and taste change by time, and it's very normal to not be interested in what used to be appealing to us for years.
  12. I agree. If it was your very first flap or Chanel piece you'd probably be a lot more excited. It seems you already have a nice little collection going so that's probably why something similar to what you already have wouldn't excite you as much.

    I also agree that the huge price increases lately make a buyer think thrice about a new purchase.
  13. i have already bought all the chanels that i like .... jumbo flap, flap med and caviar timeless clutch im good for now :smile: not loving anything right now or anything from the fall collection
  14. I totally agree with Toni. Because they are so expensive I find myself being very picky about what to buy.
  15. thanks ladies. I still love flap bags and I don't have a 227 size yet so I wouldn't mind owning a 227 since it still looks fine on my petite body and fit more. But I do think the price is what making me so hesitate. I can't seem to justify it......then I start thinking why am I spending so much on something that is so similar to what I already have? Is it just because now I have a flap bag that fits my huge sunglasses case? If that's the sole reason I think that's kinda silly and I can't justify the purchase with just that reason.....