Is my L.A.M.B. bag a fake?

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  1. I have a Hella Hobo Mega Lamb bag. After seeing other girls with the same bag I relized mine is missing the little lamb charm. The lineing the zippers the tag all as they should be but the little D ring that attaches the charm just was never there. Is my bag irregular? Some early run? or the worst Fake?
  2. It´s impossible to tell without a pic.
  3. Where did you purchase it from?
  4. It was a birthday present from my ex who I don't talk to anymore.
  5. Not all hope is lost. I've heard of people taking off the LAMB charm and using it as a keychain.:yes:

  6. They didn't fake too many LAMB's that I am aware of. Mostly the clothes. Go to Nordstroms and have them check. You can always get a charm off of eBay. I used to work at the mall and people would always steal the charms so that is a possibility and the BF just didn't notice.
  7. show us your photo ;plz ...i do not think that is fake coz here few factory made L.A.M.B handbag ..they only made the fake bag for very popular and hot items .
  8. i'm sure it's not.

    But as it was a gift - so long as you love it, does it matter?

    I know it's horrible when you've had a fake. I bought a fake Gucci from eBay once and it was such a pain to sort it out and i felt so silly. Let's hope that either way your ex paid a fortune! :nuts:
  9. There were also 2 generations of this bag. The original was better made, used guitar strap material as the strap and has leather trim. The 2nd generation bags used lesser quality materials.

    I do believe both came with a LAMB charm but, as others have stated those oftentimes get seperated by the bag.

    I have a first generation bag (along with the matching band bag, which I still use often) which I wore quite a bit and it held up nicely.
  10. There are a ton of fake mega black and mega white bags on eBay now. If you post a pic of the bag (with the tags, if you still have them) I can tell you if it's real or not.
  11. can someone port pics of the real deal ? 1st and 2nd edition bags
  12. Maybe someone in the L.A.M.B. forum can help you out, too!
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