Is my half a size up actually TTS?

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  1. I've been trying to figure out what size i'd be in other CL styles and i've been going to the reference library a lot. But, i think my feet might be the exception to all the rules:

    I am a 9 US. I take a 40.5 in the jazz decolletes. i also take a 40.5 in very prive. (i forget what i took in the simples, as i returned i guess that isn't much help)

    in the RL, it says Decolletes are half to full size up and that VP are TTS? lol wtf? do i just have weird, freakish feet?? (tbh, i do have a foot petal in the VP to make it VERY secure, as my heel would slip out a bit. but they fit very well either way)

    Would i be a 40 in Ron Rons or a 40.5?
  2. Unfortunately there is no tried and true rule for CLs. I am not tts in VPs, but rather 1/2 size up. I am a US 9 as well. Most of my CLs are a 39.5. However I do have CLs that are 39 and 40. My ronrons are mostly size 40s but I do have a pair of 39.5. My decollettes size is a 40. My guess is that your ronron size would be more like the decollette size. Can you buy from somewhere that you can return them just in case?
  3. no, it'd be an ebay purchase, so i need to be sure. if it helps, they are suede, so there may be less give?
  4. I think suede would give more.
    Why don't you ask the seller for an insole measurement and measure the insole of both the VP and decollette. That should give you a pretty accurate idea.
  5. Also try the sizing guide in the Reference Library.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.