Is my Gustto Suit ready?

  1. She arrived today and I have her loaded up for an outting tomorrow. Pictures coming tomorrow too, probably. It's a gorgeous, sumptious, lush bag!!:heart:

    Oh and Sexy Terry Tano arrived today too. This baby rocks! Red crinkly patent and a showstopper! I'm going to punk out my hair someday and drag that baby out to play.

    The best days are when the UPS man honks his horn. :yahoo:
  2. Can't wait to see pics! Congrats on the deliveries today. Love coming home to a box! :woohoo:
  3. Yay Grace! Congrats on your Baca and welcome to the club!

    Your suit is almost done. I have been working on it for 16 hours straight... All I have left is to add a few of the big gold Gustto buttons and you'll be set.

    I was on the phone with your mayor today, and he said he would pay for overnight shipping cause there are bad guys in your town who have been up to no good for far too long.

    You should have your suit tomorrow! DON'T MISS THE POSTMAN THIS TIME... LOL
  4. What will Grace's husband say when he gets the box instead of her??? He'll open it about to lecture on "Yet another bag" and he'll find a Yellow Nylon with Gold buttons. We may not see Grace for awhile. She'll be indisposed in a "safe place where there are only paper dishware and no mirrors".
  5. I went right to UPS to get her myself. :p Hubby did hold her for these pictures tho!
    Gustto1.jpg Gustto2.jpg Gustto3.jpg Gustto4.jpg
  6. Beautiful Grace. I love it! Do you???
    Now Hubby knows what he's good for!
  7. I DO love it! It's just simply fabulous! Thanks to all of you, now I'm a Crimefighter. LOL
  8. oh wow it's GORGEOUS! congratulations!
  9. Oh Grace, it's divine! I'm so happy for you!

    Don't you just love how the bag seems so shapeless?

  10. Darn it anyway. I covet that bag AND that darn yellow ghetto suit.