Is my Fendi authentic

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  1. Hello,

    I recently bought a Fendi purse on eBay for my sister for Christmas. The seller had a hundred percent feedback and has been on ebay since 2001. In the pictures it has a hologram sticker, authenticity card and dust bag. Well I received it in the mail today and the hologram sticker you can peel off. And the authenticity card where the ref. no is there is no number, but where the price is where the supposed ref no is. It looks like good quality all the threads are intact and the leather looks, feels, and smells genuine. All the harware looks right. And if I put the number in 8BL076 in the search engine a bunch of purse websites pull up this purse. Can somebody help me I have two Fendi purses already and one has a hologram sticker and it does not peel off. Here is the post for the auction.

  2. Hi, please post this in the authenticity thread at the top of the page and someone will be able to help you. Thank you.