Is my Ellipse hopelessly out of date?

  1. What do you ladie's think....has Ellipse had her day? I see you all here talking about your BH's, Neverfull's and LE's and I wonder. This is what she looks like these days when I take her out to play. She tends to be my 'everyday' bag. There isn't much vachetta that can get damaged and I swear I could drive over her with a Mac truck and nothing would destroy her! She's very 'kid friendly'! I just got an amarante Roxy, which I love, and I have an Alma that I never carry because I'm afraid to mess up all that Vachetta, a pink perfo Pouchette (kinda small, so it's more for special occasions), and a couple of other older bags.
    So seriously, should I retire her and buy something more up to date?

  2. No - I just love her!!! She looks adorable and classy with the scarf and charm, I think it is a timeless style and you should keep using her and loving her!
  3. NO !! :drool:

    I absolutely love this bag ... I'm 20 years old and I just purchased this bag and I've been drooling over it for so long. Everywhere I go with the ellipse people come up to be and tells me that they love it and they have never seen it before.

    I love it because it isn't that common, but still SO cute :smile: Keep it
  4. I've always loved the unique design of the Ellipse. It sounds like it's your favorite. This bag is a classic. You don't see the shape imitated anywhere. Keep it and enjoy it.
  5. no............she is too cute to give away!
  6. I wouldn't, especially since you enjoy her so much! You can certainly always add another bag, but don't put this lady out to pasture while she's still serving you so well! A friend of mine has this bag and we went out clubbing in Atlanta last fall, she turned heads everywhere we went!!
  7. No. I agree with OP--it has a timeless look. I recently saw a woman carrying an Ellipse PM and it had a clean,golden even patina. It made me want to buy one.
  8. no i think she looks super cute....but then again im ALWAYS up for buying something new ;) hehe
  9. OMG NO !!!!!! Your Ellipse is sooooooo BEAUTIFUL !!!
  10. Absolutely not! I have plans of purchasing one myself soon...see she is on my wishlist! She is an everlasting us!
  11. Gee, thanks for the quick responses! You gals are fantastic.
    I'm not sure if she's my fav, but I do tend to just naturally gravitate to her.

    I was on Bloor street in T.O. the other day, and I saw a bunch of Speedys, a pomme Roxy and 1 or 2 other bags, but no Ellipse (last year I was in Vegas a couple of times and, it seems like every other woman there was carrying an Ellipse! haha!) For some reason, I always see Bedfords being carried in the Bloor St. Louis store! The staff in the boutiques always comment on how nicely and evenly patina-ed she is with the handles almost the same color as the vachetta trim.
  12. MUST KEEP HER!! She is beautiful and looks oh so loved.

    I think her unique shape will always be in style. The fact that not everyone has one would be an even better reason to keep her :smile: You can always buy another bag, but don't get rid of her!
  13. I like the ellipse, its a classic. If you need a change just get something new! You can rotate your wear. LVs are like jello, always room for more......
  14. No way! Keep it! I have the PM and my mom's Ellipse shopper and love them, it's a great style.
  15. It's a totally timeless bag! It's on my wishlist too!
    Would love to see a modelling pic! :smile: